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Thursday, October 12, 2017

No analogies??

"That was the most boring thing ever!"  That's how Peter summed up the PSAT.  That and, "Oh, I did horrible on the math." 

Math isn't Peter's strong suit anyway so that was expected.  Plus, I'm assuming the math is more advanced than what Peter has learned so far because he's only in the 9th grade. 

We were discussing it at dinner and Dan chimes in  with, "A cow is to a barn as..." and before he finished, Peter said, "Nope.  There were no analogies on the test."

WHAT???  Those were my favorite questions!  Apparently, according to Peter, all the non-math questions consisted of reading "very boring essays/articles" and then answering a bunch of questions.

He did tell me that there were a lot of funny memes floating around about the PSATs yesterday but got annoyed with me when I asked him to describe some of them.  According to Peter he couldn't becuase:  #1 - I'm too old to understand some of the pop culture references, #2 I didn't take the test so I would not be familiar with the essays or questions they were mocking and #3 - Memes can't be explained, they just have to be understood.

Not wanting to be left out, I went online and googled "2017 PSAT Memes" and found a bunch.  And he was right, I didn't get them because I didn't take the test. I guess some things need to be left to the youth of the world. 

In other Peter news, (and yes, I am aware that I have a daughter but there's not much happening in the 8th grade right now that I'm allowed to discuss so...) today was the much awaited Character Day.

He got up early this morning and got into character if you will:

On our way to school, Peter said, "Hmmmm....I hope there isn't a no face paint rule." 

He probably should have thought about that prior to 5 minutes before arriving at school.  When we pulled up, the vice principal was monitoring the parking lot so I figured if face paint wasn't okay Peter would come chasing after me as I pulled out. 

Halfway home I got a text from Peter saying that the VP loved his costume and actually took a picture of it.  Whew! 

And lest you think my boy sits around ALL DAY and listens to death metal on his head phones while playing video games, here are two of his recent drawings:

Today I'm having lunch with my bestie, my BFF, my girl Jenny from the block (okay not that Jenny From the Block) but Jenny from my block.  I'm excited to catch up with her because it's been a couple of weeks! 

Have a great Thursday!


Madeline said...

Oh gosh, your sentence about Sarah cracks me up! I was just reading an article about the PSAT memes and I definitely didn't get them either. Glad spirit week has been pretty good!

Mari said...

I always liked those analogy questions too.
Peter is scary! He's very artistic though. :)

Billie Jo said...

I am soooo glad I am (way) past the testing stage!!!!
Looks like Spirit Week was a hit!!!!
Love lunch with a bestie!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I Googled it, too! You know, they were still sort of funny, even if I didn't know exactly what they were talking about. Also, it's reassuring to know kids today (yeah, I said that) have an awesome sense of humor.

UplayOnline said...

Glad spirit week has been pretty good!