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Friday, January 20, 2017

Words of wisdom by Chip and Jojo.

You guys know I love me some Chip and Joanne.  However, I am woefully behind on my Fixer Upper viewing.  But since HGTV replays all their episodes ad nauseam, I will be able to get caught up in no time.  And I do have On Demand but I save my time-home-alone-watching-On-Demand for The Bachelor and This Is Us.  Priorities, am I right?

Anyway, I did not call you here to discuss my television viewing habits.  I called you here to discuss Chip and Jo.  As you probably know, a few weeks ago, a BuzzFeed article slammed the pastor of the church Chip and Jojo attend because he preached against homosexuality and gay marriage.  And then the article mentioned that a gay couple has never been featured on Fixer Upper.  Sounds like someone is just trying to stir the pot and get my BFF's riled up.


My besties were not having it!  This is Chip's response taken from his blog.  I'm sure you've already read it, but if not, please read it.  This is just even more reason to love the Gaines family. 

Also, I recently signed up to receive a daily devotion from Joanna that is based on Psalm 62.  As I was reading the devotion this morning, this stuck out to me:

"..our prayers will become more powerful when our hope is placed in God rather than the answered prayer itself." 

Y'all!  That 's a lot to chew on.

We have to put all of our hope in God - trusting and knowing that he will answer our prayers in His timing, and in His way.  That can be a hard pill to swallow because I think most of us think we know what's best.

But if we put our hope in Him and not the answer (that we want) even we we don't get our way, we can rest in the knowledge that whatever does come will ultimately be the best thing for us.

"May your hope come solely from Him."

Happy Weekend, y'all!

And Go Patriots!!


Madeline said...

Chip and Jojo rock. Such well written and profound words. Have a wonderful weekend! Yay Football!

Billie Jo said...

Love your love of our faith.
Love The Bachelor.
Love Playoff football...
Go Steelers! : )

Mari said...

I love Chip and Jo and their program! I respect what they've said too. :)

Alicia @ Sweeping Up Joy said...

I just finished reading "The Magnolia Story." What a down-to-earth couple! I hadn't seen Chip's response to the hullabaloo, so thanks for sharing. It's as classy as I expected. <3

Colleen said...

How about them Pats?

I'm sure you have, but did you read their book? I just read it and it was definitely inspiring!