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Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Monday, so I got you some flowers....

Happy Monday, y'all!  It is cloudy and misty and a little dreary here (although warm so at least there's that!) so I bought these tulips this morning.  They have lifted my spirits and I smile whenever I walk past them.  Totally worth the $4.87 I spent on them.

Tulips are so simple and so pretty and honestly, one of my favorite flowers.  I especially love the white ones. 

This weekend Peter skipped his basketball game and he and Dan headed to Raven Knob with the Boy Scouts.  He earned his Geocaching Merit badge and it sounds like he had a good time.  Although it also sounds like we missed an exciting basketball game.  Peter's team won!

Peter had a boatload of homework this weekend and so did Sarah.  So after the trip he spent a lot of time working on his homework and a lot of time coplaining about having to work on his homework.

Sarah and I had lunch out on Saturday afternoon and ran a few errands.  It's always nice to get to spend time with my girl. 

On Sunday we had to record the Patriots game because Peter had Confirmation Class and we had to attend a parent meeting.  Before we left, I put some chili in the crock pot and when we got back we turned on the game, ate chili and enjoyed fast forwarding through the commercials.

That's a good way to watch the game but I had to avoid all social media and my phone in general to keep from finding out the score.  The Patriots won!  Sorry Billie Jo.  I hope we can still be friends!  ;)

We watched some of the Falcons/Packers game and it looks like the Falcons are going to be tough to beat but we are looking forward to the Super Bowl.  Although no party for us.  If you've been reading here for any length of time, you know my husband's rule - if the Patriots are playing in THE BIG GAME, he will not be attending a party.  He says he can't watch the game with a bunch of people around.  Which is fine with me.  Sometimes, sitting at home with the family and a giant bowl of Queso is exactly what I want to be doing.  :) 

Sarah made a big batch of chocolate chip mini muffins from scratch last night AND - the best part of all?  She cleaned up all the dishes afterwards. They were really yummy but now they are in the kitchen calling my name.  But, too many carbs so I've got to stay away from them!

Sarah has Girl Scouts tonight and Peter has a basketball game so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the homework load is light tonight. 

And that's all I've got for you today - except a couple of loads of laundry if you want to come over and help me fold!

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Madeline said...

It should at least be a fun Super Bowl to watch! I always like it when the game is tight! Your flowers are lovely. I will have to keep an eye out for some myself!