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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The nice thing about a long weekend (other than the fact that it's long!) is that today is already Tuesday! 

We had a full weekend.  Friday night was the 7th and 8th grade Winter Dance.  I helped the other 8th grade moms set up for the dance on Friday afternoon.  It was an easy set up because the theme was simple - Winter Wonderland. 

One of the moms comes from a family of florists so she brought these three beatuiful flocked fir trees that had lights on them.  We hung twinkle lights from the ceiling and we had silvery white spray painted branches in vases.  The vases were filled with silver, gold, and white Christmas balls and snowflakes were hanging from the branches.  And one of the walls was covered with paper snowflakes that another mother had made.  Each of these snowflakes was absolutely beautiful and each one was totally different than the other. 

And of course I failed to get pictures but the cafeteria looked really nice when we got done.  And I love working with this group of ladies.

Here are my kids before the dance:

They always want to do a goofy one for fun.  Look at Sarah's face!  HA!
After I dropped them off at the dance, I waited for Dan.  He had to work late but he finally got there and off to dinner we went.  I wanted to try a new restaurant.  We arrived there at 7:35 and there were only a few cars in the parking lot.  NOPE!  (I later did a little more research on the restaurant and learned that they only have one seating per night and it's by reservation only and the 5 course menu changes nightly.  So, if I really want to experience this restaurant, it will probably require a little more planning on my part!)

So we headed downtown to try another restaurant we had never been to. The wait was 30 minutes so we headed to the bar to get a drink.  It was a restaurant and WINE bar so they only thing they served at the bar was wine and cocktails.  NOPE!  (And I'm sure they had a few bottled beers, but I didn't see any and I really didn't want to be standing around a pretentious wine bar with a glass of beer looking like the redneck girl that I really am!)

So we headed to restaurant number three which was also packed but we waited and had a really good dinner.  And by the time it was all said and done, it was time to pick up the kids.

They had a great time.  Sarah danced with a boy (her friend Oscar) and Peter was happy to report that he danced with NO girls.

Saturday morning found us headed to a basketball game.  The boys won and every single boy on the team scored!  I love this team that Peter is on.  (Every time the second string scored, the first string boys cheered and hooted and high-fived.  It was so sweet to see.  Especially when one of the boys on the team who has never played basketball before this year scored a basket.  They were all genuinely happy for him!)

Saturday night we watched the Patriots play.  They won but it wasn't pretty.  I think all the hype about how badly they were going to beat the Texans got into their heads. But they won so - whew!

Sunday was Mass and lunch with my family and Dan had a Boy Scout Committee meeting and then it was Monday.  We slept late and then moved a bunch of stuff from the bonus room to the basement and actually took quite a few things to Goodwill.  There's still a lot of work to be done up there and down in the basement but - babysteps!

And with that, it's TUESDAY and time for me to head to the grocery store.  And laundry - there's always laundry!

Enjoy your short week!


Madeline said...

Wow the gym sounds very pretty! Your kids looked nice for the dance. Peter cracks me up that he was so proud to have danced with no girls. I suppose as the mom that's a nice place to be though right now. :)

Billie Jo said...

I bet it looked amazing!!!
Your kids are so sweet. And fun!
Yay for baby steps...
Would you believe I am just underrating and scrubbing this week?
And I am not going crazy..just one area a day.
It bugs me that there is chaos, but I'm dealing with it!
Too old to care! Lol
Hmmmm. You know I love you.
But Sunday...Your Pats vs. my Steelers!!!!!

Billie Jo said...

Clearly...that should be undecorating!!!

Mari said...

The kids look so nice - and funny in that one shot! Peter looks more like Dan the older he gets. The decorating for the dance sounds wonderful!
Glad you finally found a place to eat. :)