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Friday, January 6, 2017

7 Quick Takes: My $4000 phone bill, my 4000 Legos and snow.

It's Friday and I'm trapped at my computer so it seems like the perfect time for 7 Quick Takes!

1. Why am I trapped at my computer?  Welllllllllll....I went online to pay my Sprint bill on Wednesday and low and behold it showed that I owed over $4000!  We got Peter a phone for his birthday in November so my first thought was, "What the heck has he done?????"  Sorry, Peter!

Apparently someone hacked into my account and ordered 3 phones and 3 lines of service.  YIKES!  And, y'all, it's sort of my fault.  Not the hacking in part, but I did receive an email from Sprint in early December and I think it vaguely said something about my password having been changed.  I also vaguely remember that I was in the throes of PTO work, purchasing Christmas presents, and just general December craziness and I also vaguely remembered thinking to myself, "I should really call Sprint." 

Anyway, after being on the Sprint Chat (because you can not get a real live person on the other end of the phone) for 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday, it was all resolved.

However, I went online to pay this morning and it still showed that I owe $500.  WRONG.  So, I'm back on chat with them now. 

2.  Snow.  BOO!!!  I hate snow. And mostly because in N.C., it just messes everything up.  It's supposed to snow 3 - 5 inches here starting late tonight and into the morning so yesterday I got an email stating that Saturday's basketball has been rescheduled to next Wednesday.  I was looking forward to driving to Greensboro with the family tomorrow for this basketball game.  But now thanks to the snow (or rather, the IMPENDING snow) I will get to drive to Greensboro Wednesday after school.  GRRRRRR....  I enjoy Saturday basketball games but games during the week, not so much. 

3. UPDATE:  So, I'm off chat now, apparently the Fraud Team is still working to get all of my charges adjusted.  They have assured me that I won't be fined a late fee and my service will not be cut off while they are trying to sort all of this out. 

4.  I actually do need a few things from the grocery store which is unfortunate because it will be a madhouse thanks to the IMPENDING snow.  And I could really probably wait to get them because when we are "snowed in"  my husband gets cabin fever and will get out and go do something - and typically we find a restaurant that's open and go eat! :)  I think it's the Bostonian in him.  3 - 5 inches does not bring everything to a halt there but it sure puts a damper on things here.

5.  Since we aren't going to be spending Saturday playing basketball, I think we will clean out the bonus room.  It's still a hot mess from when we were redoing the downstairs and everything just got shoved there.  But basically all this means is that everything that got shoved up there will get moved to the basement.  But getting it to the basement is one step to getting it out the door because I can back my car up to the basement door and get things to the dump or to Goodwill!  :) 

6.  One of the main things that taking up space in the bonus room is Legos.  Every single Lego (minus the ones that got vacuumed up are in the bonus room.  And Peter hasn't really played with them consistently for at least three years.  Oh, occasionally, he and Colton would play with them over the last few  summers but it was rare.  And I can't even really say they were playing with them.  Maybe putting a couple of pieces together here and there but that was about it.  So, to the basement they go until I can figure out what to do with them.  Peter does not want to part with them but do I really need 1,000's and yes, there are 1,000s of Lego pieces in big plastic bins in my basement???

7.  And speaking of cleaning things up.  I have begun the process of unsubscribing to all the emails I get that clutter up my inbox.  I mean, do I really need a weekly email from Domino's Pizza with their latest special or an email from Box Tops for Education explaining why I need to be collecting Box Tops, or even an email from my beloved Joanna Gaines reviewing last night's Fixer Upper?  NO!  I do not!  So, it's farewell to all the useless marketing emails and hello to a nicer inbox!

And with that, I'm out.  Time to go get my bread, milk, and toilet paper!


Madeline said...

Oh man, cell phone fraud is a pain. I do not think it's your fault at all, I am glad they are working on fixing it for you! We don't have ANY snow right now. Well, it keeps powdered sugar dusting overnight but the grass is still green so I can't count that at all. How crazy would it be if you actually got the 5 inches and we still had none? Enjoy your maybe snowed in but not really weekend. I hope you get through the grocery store unscathed.

Billie Jo said...

I am sorry!
And don't you just LOVE customer service calls?!
Praying it all works out soon.
Enjoy your snowy weekend...
Send some up here!
Nicolas is wanting to go sledding before they leave!