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Monday, February 8, 2016

Catholic Schools Week and everything else we've been up to!

So Catholic Schools Week and life in general happened last week and who has time to blog when you are busy getting things done?!

Now that things have calmed down for themoment I thought I would show the old blog a little love in case anyone thought I was hibernating.

The PTO board is heavily involved in planning and executing Catholic Schools Week so we have been busy.

On Sunday morning the kids had to wear the uniforms to Mass and Peter and Sarah were greeters.  Sarah also go to be an usher when one of the kids from another catholic school didn't show up.  She was pretty excited to get to pull double duty.

Later that afternoon Sarah and I worked the Girl Scout Cookie Booth:

And after our time at the booth, we rushed over to school so I could get things set up for Taco/Bingo Night.  It was a lot of fun!  We found a great place to cater our taco bar and the food was delicious and authentic!

We had fresh homemade tortillas, chicken, beef, fresh guacamole, rice, beans and all the fixings!  It was so good.  This picture does not do it justice.

And then after the tacos there was Bingo!

Who is that working so hard at the white board in the background???

Peter and some of his friends1

On Monday the elementary school collected items for newborn kits for Catholic Charities:

We were able to collect enough items for 12 baskets just like these.  The people at Catholic Charities were so excited!!

And the middle school collected items (dog and cat food and cat litter) for AARF (Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation).  And here are some cute middle schoolers as we dropped the items off:

On Tuesday we had a living rosary in the gym.  Kids were stationed around balloons that we strung together in the shape of a rosary and each student took the lead on saying that part of the rosary.  

And then we went outside and after some very fitting words from Sister Geri about our prayers and intentions from the rosary floating up to heaven like the balloon rosary, we let the rosary go:

Wednesday was Student Appreciation Day.  The elementary school had a visit from the Monkey Hooper.  She came had led the kids in hula hoop fun.

And after a pizza lunch, the elementary kids had lots of fun stations set up in the gym.  I have no pictures of that because I was with the middle school kids at the skating rink:

Thursday was the annual 8th grade parent/faculty basketball game.  The kids always have such a blast watching the 8th grade play against the faculty and their parents.

And then on Thursday night, our Varsity boys and girls basketball team played their final home game of the season.  And the boy's game was a nail biter!  We were down 15-0 at the end of the first quarter and came back to win the game by 2!  It was the best game I've ever seen.

Friday was the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  I've got no pictures of that because I was too busy running around making sure we had everything we needed and I totally forgot until the food was devoured.  That wouldn't have made a very nice picture anyway so just imagine lovely food and lovely teachers!

Saturday was had another basketball game and then afterwards Peter's team went for pizza together since it was the last regular season game.  After that, Dan and Peter went to Mass and Sarah and I hosted her friends so that they could work on their science project.

On Sunday morning Sarah and I headed to Mass while Dan and Peter headed to a spaghetti luncheon that the Boy Scouts were hosting.  Peter had to pour drinks and help serve and Dan got to wash dishes!  Wish I had a picture of that!

And  then on Sunday we had Jennifer's family over for a Super Bowl party!  And I've got no pictures of that because I was too busy eating and talking and enjoying myself.

And now I'm ready for a calm and peaceful and not too busy week!


Billie Jo said...

I am exhausted just reading about your exciting week!
Your school does such wonderful things!!!!
The balloon rosary!!!
I love that...
Have a quiet, cozy week, my friend!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Okay, you made me feel like a slacker. If I did any ONE of those things in a week, I would have called it busy.

Madeline said...

Wow what a week! You are a rock star! I hope this week involves a little less for you as a good break.

Elise said...

Wow, Beth! What an amazing week. Sounds like you were a blessing to many in your school community :)