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Friday, February 12, 2016


It's Friday so how about 7 Quick Takes??

1. Dan has been in England all week and will be back home tonight!  Last night he stayed in a hotel near the airport in London so he could leave bright and early this morning. He texted me a picture of what was hanging on his wall.

Apparently, it's a map of Europe that's lit up with tiny lights.  The last I heard he was struggling to figure out how to get it turn off. That's one heck of a night light.

2.  Peter's basketball team is their conference playoffs this weekend.  His first game is tonight at 7:45.  Luckily Dan's plane lands at 6:30 so he won't miss it.  Peter has had a great year with this team.  He's third string and doesn't get to play as much as he would like, but he's learned a lot and this group of guys is just the best.  They really seem to get along well and enjoy each others company and sometimes, I think, that's just as important as playing time.

And they are all so handsome, don't you think??  Although, I am a little partial to #21!

3.  It's Lent so I've been pondering what to give up or what to pick up.  I've added a new daily devotion and I'm going to try to spend more time being kind not just to those outside my home but to those inside - seems I lose my patience most frequently with those I love the most! 

4.  And as far as giving something up?  I just started Weight Watchers on Monday.  So I'm giving up feeling full.  Y'all, I'm not going to lie.  I've lost three pounds this week but I have spent the better part of this week being hungry.  I am about to turn into an apple!  Or a banana.  Or an orange.  Take your pick.  Fruit and raw vegetables are zero points so I've had my fair share of them and it's hard. Oprah keeps talking about eating bread on this diet but I haven't figured out how to eat bread and still be able to eat anything else.

5.  I'm sure it's a learning least I hope.  I signed up for the 3 month plan (just access to the app/tracker and online support - no weigh ins or meetings.) I'm hoping that I can figure out the best things to eat and keep me full over the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any hints or suggestions, please feel free to share!!

6.  Peter won his school Geography Bee!  He was so excited because geography is his thang!  Winning the school bee means he qualified to take an online test.  If he passes that test, he will be able to participate in the state bee.  Fingers crossed!

7.  Since Peter's a bit of a geography nerd, he got this shirt for Christmas and wore it proudly on the last dress down day at school.


Enjoy your weekend people.  Head over to Kelly's for more 7QT!


Anonymous said...

That IS an amazing night light...I almost want one, but I don't know where I'd put it.

Connecting via 7QT. :)

Lauren said...

I'm a huge fan of weight watchers. I recommend protein to help fill you up. For breakfast I either have 3 egg whites scrambled (1 point!) with salsa (no points!) or Jimmy Dean makes breakfast sausage links that are turkey sausage. They are delicious (sometimes I put salsa on them, too) and only 3 points for 3 links, but they pack a whopping 13 grams of protein, as I recall. Protein is what helps keep me from feeling hungry. For snacks, I eat fruits and raw veggies or cottage cheese (protein again!) or Yoplait makes a delicious whipped Greek yogurt. It's 2 points of deliciousness and again heavy on the protein. The hunger will hopefully go away soon! Good luck!

Madeline said...

Well keep us posted on both how WW goes and Peter's basketball team! Happy Valentine's Day!

The Not So Perfect Catholic said...

Cute shirt!
About 15 years ago I went to a dietician who helped me lose 50 pounds. I thought I was doing the right thing by grabbing some fruit when I was hungry, but she told me to stop doing that. It causes your sugar to raise quickly & then crash, leaving you feeling hungrier. (BTW, I started eating like she taught me again and have lost 23 pounds so far...11 more to go!)