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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's been happening...

The last remnants of our big snow are melting away today.  Well, actually they are already gone! The weather forecast shows highs in the mid 60s next week.  And that makes me happy.  I'm not a snowy cold weather girl.

The kids missed school on Friday and Monday. They slept in and  I was able to get somethings done around the house (a couple of cabinets and a closet cleaned out here and there, nothing too demanding) and the kids were able to relax and have some down time.  They say it was much needed but, come on - they just had a two week break at Christmas and last Monday off for MLK Day!

Peter was supposed to have a dance last Friday night which got canceled.  He was also supposed to go camping which got canceled.  His basketball game got canceled.  Sarah's Girl Scout meeting got canceled. Sarah's science fair group got canceled.

See why I don't like snow?  Around here, it looks pretty for a day and then it just  messes everything up for 5 days.  And we only had between 4 and 6 inches.  This part of North Carolina is just not equipped to deal with snow.

Hopefully all the snow is past  and we can focus on Spring! I can already tell that the days are getting a little bit longer.  There's a wee bit of light in the morning when I go out to get the newspaper and in the evening when I take Peter to basketball practice.  It always makes me happy when I can tell the days are getting longer.

Next week is Catholic Schools Week and the PTO has been getting all of our plans in place.  Hoping and praying that it all goes smoothly.  And we have already been meeting and planning our big Spring Fundraiser.  This year is going by so fast.  I can't believe it will be February next week!

Here' a few snaps from my phone:

This girl loves a selfie and every now and then, I join her!

The backyard covering in snow!

This cat will not leave me alone when I'm working!  He's attacking the pull string on my sweatshirt!

The kids played quite a few rounds of Connect Four this weekend!  And Sarah is enjoying a bowl of snow cream!

Beautiful sunset and my favorite kind of snow - melting!


Anonymous said...

So...coastal NC is not equipt either but our county only missed one day of school which was pre-cautionary and for the best. There are some pretty remote areas. Thankfully, weather was good over the weekend because we had First Reconciliation on Saturday and I know one little boy who would be pretty upset if it had been cancelled (and one director of Faith Formation and two priests who would have had a hard time with rescheduling!).

RR Mama said...

Beautiful ladies in that selfie!

Billie Jo said...

Beautiful selfie and beautiful sunset!!!!

Madeline said...

We have been having a super mild winter and I love it. Our grass is still green, there hasn't been even one snow day or cold day (when the wind chill get's too low) and I hope it lasts. We for real were looking at moving to NC as there was a job in my husband's company there and I was loving the idea of winter! Glad everything is getting back to normal for you!