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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday?? Already??

I almost typed Happy Monday then I realized that's it's already Tuesday!

We had a busy weekend full of basketball.  Peter's team played their first tournament game Friday night and won which meant he had a game Saturday and Sunday.  They lost their game on Saturday but won on Sunday which meant they got 3rd place!

Here's a very happy group of boys:

Next weekend is the Shamrock Tournament in Charlotte.  This is a tournament for all the Catholic schools in North Carolina.  The boys are very excited.  However, since we finished 3rd in our conference we will have to play in the first flight which is the best flight.  What's not so good for us is that in our first game we will have to play against the team that won last year.  This school is much bigger than ours. So big in fact that they have two teams - one for the 7th grade and one for the 8th grade.  And we will be playing the 8th grade team.  So, unless we can pull a major upset, we will lose that game which will mean our game on Saturday is a consolation game which will be just for fun.

Peter had a head cold all last week. He picked it up from Sarah.  She was fine after a couple of days but Peter just can't shake his.  And he has been coughing up a storm so I finally took him to the doctor this morning.  She said that after a week, it should have passed.  Since it hasn't, he is now on antibiotics.  And two kinds of cough medicine.  I kept him out of school today since he didn't sleep very well last night due to all the coughing.  But never fear - little sister is bringing home his homework so hopefully he won't be too behind.

Have a great short week!


Billie Jo said...

Hope your guy is feeling better soon!
I remember the days of sibling bringing homework home!
I was always so paranoid about sending it back it was my fault if it wasn't right...and the teacher would think I was slacker mom!!!

Madeline said...

Hope Peter is feeling better!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

The cold/cough has been hanging around our house for way too long, hope it leaves your house soon too.