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Monday, February 22, 2016


The Our Lady of Mercy varsity girls and varsity boys basketball teams headed to Charlotte this weekend for the Shamrock Tournament.

The Shamrock Tournament is  an invitational basketball tournament with over 30 Catholic schools participating each year.

Our boys were selected to play in the first flight but were seeded very lowly and ended up playing the team that won last year and ultimately went on to win this year.  Losing our first game Friday night meant we were only playing for fun on Saturday.

Even though we were knocked out early, we still had fun.  We went to some of the girl's games to cheer them on and they went on to come in 4th place!

The kids played in the pool and that parents hung out.  All the players were invited to attend a dance.  Our boys went but the girls didn't want to go. (Party poopers!) I think the boys had an okay time but would have preferred if the girls from our school were there as well.  Here they are all dressed up and ready to  go:

And here are some of them hanging out in the lobby before the first game:

 And here are a couple of pictures of my favorite player:

I'm glad that the weeknights will be a little less stressful now that there will be no more basketball practices but I know I'm going to miss the games and the fun that we've had this season.  But no time to be melancholy because track practice starts next week and so does Sarah's seasonal swimming program.  She is so excited about that!  She raced a couple of boys in the pool this weekend and was very pleased to report that she beat them! 

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Madeline said...

Crazy that it' already time for track to start! I can't believe the girls didn't want to go to the dance but the boys did, that seems backwards of what I'd expect. So glad they had a good time even though they lost so early in the weekend.