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Friday, October 2, 2015

A lot of yum on that plate!

Last night we had meatloaf.  I tried the Pioneer Woman's Favorite Meatloaf and it was really good.

Because honestly, how can  you go wrong with bacon? (The meatloaf is wrapped in a little blanked of bacon.  Yum.  A bacon blanket.)

I served it with garlic thyme carrots (and I forgot to add the thyme, whoops!), mashed potatoes, and balsmic glazed Brussels sprouts.

Dan loves these carrots but he refused to eat the Brussels sprouts.  I tried to convince him to try them because the balsamic glaze makes them so yummy but he refuesed.  "I'm almost 50.  I've hated them every time I've ever tried them so I'm not trying them again."

I forced Peter to try them and he tried to use Dan's line, "I'm almost 13. I've hated them every time I've ever tried them so I'm not trying them again."  But we made him any way and, of course, he hated it.  "It tastes like broccoli.  And that glaze is gross." 

Sarah will eat broccoli so she gave it a try and said it was "pretty good".  She's my favorite.

Everyone agreed that the meatloaf was good and that my potatoes were extra yummy for some reason.  Want to know my secret last night? 

I added heavy cream to the potatoes instead of milk.  So, yes.  They were extra yummy! 

And I figure that eating the Brussels sprouts will offset the cream in the potatoes, right? 

At least for those of us that tried the Brussels sprouts.  ahem


Billie Jo said...

Looks good!
And for the record, I would have tried it all!
Have a cozy weekend. : )

Madeline said...

It does look good!! I am with Dan and Peter, but I do like broccoli so I would have tried them at least.

Pam said...

She's my favorite...made me LOL!

Mari said...

That's a beautiful supper. You do a mean Pioneer Woman impression. I have to say, I agree with Dan and Peter on the brussel sprouts though. :)

Kelli said...

You dinner looks wonderful! I love brussle sprouts and my family is slowly coming around....I will get them there one these days I just know it. :)