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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's a little Chinchilly in here.

Last week I veered away from my normal clear nail polish to try out a new fall shade.

I chose Essie's Chinchilly.  I absolutely love the way the color looks.  It makes me happy and I think it says fall is here without being too in your face.

Sarah immediately spotted my new shade as soon as she hopped in the car. She was quick to tell me how much she loved it.  She's very observant.  And also very kind to her dear old mom.

It took Peter until later that evening to notice my new nail polish. His response was a little less kind, "I hate that color mom.  It looks gross."

When I relayed the kids comments to Dan, he shrugged.  Which I guess I can take one of two ways.  Option one - he didn't even notice.  Option two - he agrees with Peter.

Or perhaps, maybe there is a third option.  He didn't notice but now that it's been pointed out, he agrees with Peter.

Yep.  I'm going with number 3. 

No worries though.  The girl and I love it and I'm getting ready to slap another coat of paint on right now!  What do boys know about nail polish anyway? 


Mari said...

Boys don't get that kind of thing. I love it! :)

Madeline said...

I really like that color and I love the name Chinchilly. I am on Sarah's side for sure!! Now I really want to do my nails.

RR Mama said...

That is one of my favorite colors! If you want a sheer neutral color try Essie's Ballet Slippers. It's another of my go to favorites from them.