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Monday, October 26, 2015

Over and done - nap included!

Whew!  The weekend is over and I'm glad because I need a break.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it or not, but I'm old and I like to basically sit on the couch all weekend and not really do much else.  And I'm lucky that my husband is old too and likes to do the exact same thing.

This weekend however, we had to act like we were actually under the age of 85 and go do stuff.  And here's what we (I) did:

Friday night was the school's Halloween Hullabaloo.  I spent the afternoon at  school helping to get everything ready and then rushed home to get the kids and Dan and we headed out to grab a quick bite before the fun started.  Then we rushed over to the school to set up our trunk.  The 7th and 8th grades had a trunk-or-treat for the rest of the school while the lower grades had activities and games in each classroom for all the kids to visit.

Here's my dollar store spooky trunk:

Dan had spooky music playing from the car.  It was a little spookier than it looks in this picture.  There were some really great trunks - and they were all creepy and spooky - just like Halloween should be!

I have no other pictures from the inside of the school because I was at the trunk for the evening but everyone said they had fun and I know I sure did!

Saturday evening found me having dinner with some of the PTO ladies before heading out to the parish Casino Night.  We were on a fact finding mission for our spring fund raisier.  I had a great time at dinner - these ladies can really make me laugh and I guess I'm a bad blogger and a bad 21st century person in general because we did not take one selfie at dinner.

After dinner we headed to the casino night.  We basically took notes the whole evening, planned what we should do differently, noted what we should do the same, etc.  I did not take my place on the couch until 10:30.  So that meant after church on Sunday, granny needed a nap.  And I never take naps, but I did yesterday.

And after mawmaw woke up from her nap, we carved our pumpkin!


Mari said...

You make me laugh, you young thing!
I am not a fan of busy weekends either and we just had one. I'm thinking I need to get to bed on time tonight. :)
PS - what is going on with Peter? He is looking so old all of a sudden!

Billie Jo said...

Ok. I'm exhausted.
Your weekend wore me out!
But, boy did it look fun!!!!!!
And...come on...admit're a fan of afternoon naps now, right?!
Happy Almost Halloween!!!!!!

Madeline said...

I bet Halloween is much more fun holiday in the south. We went to a trunk or treat once and it was freezing. At least going to houses blocks the wind a little. I think the decorations looked great!! Glad you had a fun weekend, occasional naps are never a bad thing. Or frequent naps. :)

RR Mama said...

I have front porch envy! And the pumpkin turned out great too.