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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soup and naps and a pending birthday

It's been feeling like fall here this week.  Last week temps were in the upper 70s and one day it even made it to the 80s.  And I'm not complaining because I do love warm sunny weather but I have purchased some new boots and would like to eventually be able to wear them. So the fact that it's been in the 50s and rainy the last couple of days hasn't been too depressing but I am ready to see some later this week.

I've blathered on enough about the weather.  No one wants to hear about the weather but I was mentioning it because last night I made my Spicy Sausage and Lentil Soup!  It was so good I had to take a picture of it!  (But as usual, my pictures never do anything justice.)

Tomorrow night when Dan gets home from work, we are heading to visit his sister in Alexandria, VA.  Peter's birthday is in a couple of weeks and he requested another trip to Washington with a friend to celebrate.  We are doing it prior to his birthday because the kids only have half a day of school Friday.  I'm a little bummed because it's Visual Vocabulary Day and they are going to miss it.  They both had good words picked out but I'm sure they can use them again next year. 

The kids are extra excited about this trip to visit their Aunt Cathy because they will get to trick-or-treat in Old Town Alexandria.  There are a lot of houses in a small area which means lots of candy.  Peter wasn't even going to trick-or-treat this year because he's getting too old but when he realized we were going to be at Cathy's, he quickly changed his mind!

And speaking of Peter getting old - he will be 13!  I would say that I can't even believe that my baby is going to be 13 but, I can believe it because his feet are larger than Dan's, he's taller than I am, and his new preferred activity is sleeping.  I thought he was upstairs working on his homework the other day but he was in fact taking a nap!  And it used to be that when I would go up for bed he would still be wide awake but lately he is already sawing logs.  I guess growing boys need their sleep.

That's it from these parts.  I hope your week is treating you well.


Billie Jo said...

Yes! Growing boys need sleep...and FOOD!
Get ready!!!!
Have a nice weekend, my friend. : )

Madeline said...

That soup sounds great! I hope you have a great trip. I can't believe he's going to be 13!! Sleep and food are a teenagers best friend. Happy Halloween!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Soup looks delicious