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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

There's always tomorrow!

So, it's Monday morning again and I haven't done another post since last Monday. 

Last Monday the kids were out of school for a teacher workday and were then out Tuesday and Wednesday for snow.  And now - they are out once again for snow!  And this was totally unexpected.  Usually the weather forecasters will spend days and days predicting snow and not much happens. 

This one wasn't even on the radar.


I woke up at 5:45 with a text from my mom letting me know that schools systems in  two counties were closed. About 15 minutes later I got a text from school confirming that the kids could sleep in. 

When they finally woke up, they were excited. 

But then I reminded Sarah that she has a book report due on Friday that she needed to complete today.  And then I reminded Peter that part of his science project is due Thursday and he needs to complete it today.

In typical fashion, Sarah started doing her work with minimal complaining. Peter, however, was not going down without a fight.

And then, low and behold, he didn't bring his lined 3x5 note cards home that he needs for his research.  And of course the only cards I have here are blank because I sent all the lined cards to school with him.  And the roads are pretty slushy and gross and I'm not in the mood to get in the car and go get more.

So I tried to lovingly encourage him to do the research on notebook paper so that all he has to do tomorrow when he gets home from school is to copy the work he's already done onto the note cards.

You would have thought I proposed that he write a novel on a toothpick. 

Oh the extra work that was going to be required!  It was ridiculous of me to think that my idea was a good one! It would make much more sense to do all the work tomorrow in addition to all of his homework that he will come home with tomorrow!  Why shouldn't he be allowed to play all day today?!   It's a snow day Mom!!!

My oldest is extremely shortsighted and doesn't see the  benefit in doing the research now and then just recopying it tomorrow.  We've had lots of heated discussions this morning but I think he's finally coming around to my way of thinking.  (Especially when not doing it was going to result in not being able to play today anyway because he would be grounded.)

He loves to do tomorrow (or the next day) what he could do today. And that drives my husband crazy.  He's always regaling the kids with tales that start like this:  "When I was a kid I always did all of my work immediately upon returning home from school so that I was finished I could play without worrying about anything...."  These stories usually end with, "And this was after I walked to school and back barefooted in the snow..."

The kids are never impressed.  In fact, there's always a lot of sighing and eye rolling when the old man starts talking about his youth.  But you've got to love him for trying to inspire the youth in our home not to procrastinate.

It's an uphill battle (much like Dan's walk to school).

But the one nice thing?  When Peter and I were fighting arguing rationally discussing schoolwork, Sarah turned into wonder child/super student with lots of "look how far I've gotten with my book report mom" and "how does this sentence sound that I've worked so hard on?" 

The angel daughter likes to appear when the devil son is in the room. 

But isn't she cute?

I would take a picture of Peter who is now semi-happily doing his research, but I don't want to press my luck.

No more whammies!


Pam said...

I feel your pain. My daughter is exactly like your son. EXACTLY. Even now that she is going to community college. Stresses me (to heck) out! We have so many discussions/talks/arguments/fights/chats about working ahead. Sigh. Yeah.

Pam said...

And my husband is a computer programmer and has regaled her with many'a story about all the studying he did in school and all the hard work that got him through school. Yeah. We are living parallel lives almost. lol

Mari said...

Oh yes - I remember this sort of thing. I had one of each of your kids, and one who fell in the middle. I remember the arguments...
Hope they enjoyed their snow day after this!

Michelle said...

Oh those procrastinators!

Madeline said...

Ha! I love this. It reminds me of the song "Book Report" from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Next time, maybe you could have him type his research then he only as to write it by hand once? But it's still done? I was a procrastinator until college then turned into a 4.0-have to have it done early student. Though Scott had a roommate who's catch phrase was "If you wait until the last minute it only takes a minute."

Billie Jo said...

Oh yes...
They are all different, aren't they?
And the one in my house that is the most different from the one I have had the hardest time understanding when it came to stuff like that. : )
Oh...and I see a Little House Book!!!!