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Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's old is new again.

We woke up to this:

Beautiful isn't it?  

When I went to get the paper at 6:30 this morning, I took a good long look around and just soaked in the beauty.  Honestly, there is nothing more breathtaking than when everything is covered with fresh snow.  (Except maybe a sunny day at the beach, but I digress.)

Sarah has spent all morning playing with Cheyanne.  They went four wheeling and now they are sledding. 

Peter has been shoveling snow at church with my brother.  Brad takes care of the grounds at the church we grew up going to and even though it usually involves mowing and landscaping, sometimes it involves shoveling snow too.

Peter helps his uncle a lot at the church.  Sometimes its just for fun, but other times, like today, it's a paying gig.   Which is probably the main reason he excitedly hopped up from his computer game to go work.

Peter ,who normally doesn't care a thing about what he wears, has suddenly decided he wants a pair of Air Jordans.

It all started during basketball season when he got mad at me for not buying him Air Jordan basketball shoes.  He wears a man's size which means they are expensive and the price was just more than I was willing to spend. 

Unbeknownst to me, the pair of shoes I bought for his sister were Air Jordans.  However, in my defense, I bought them because they were pink (her only criteria) and they fit and they were the same price I paid for Peter's adult sized shoes.  And since it's not 1987, I didn't think anyone even cared about Air Jordans any longer.  I mean, how can something that was popular when I was in high school still be popular today?

It didn't take long for me to realize the error of my ways, when a boy from Sarah's class told me he wanted Sarah's shoes.  They're pink for Pete's sake!  I gave this kid a hard time about it and his response was, "But they're Air Jordans!!!!!!!!"


Peter has not let me forget that I got Sarah Air Jordans and just regular old Nike's for him. 

Yesterday as he was leaving for school, he mentioned that his shoes were too tight.  Sure enough. The toe was at the very end and there was absolutely no room.  I told him I would buy him some when I was out running errands that morning.  Apparently the days of him wearing whatever I buy are quickly fleeting because he immediately informed me that he needed to be there when such an important purchase was made.

When he got home from school, I had pulled up a bunch of Nikes on Kohl's website and told him to pick the ones he wanted. I had a coupon and they were all on sale. Let's get this done!

"But Mom, I really want a pair of Air Jordans," was his response.

He started googling and found these beauties:

So apparently it is 1987 or at least 1986 because the name of these shoes is "Air Jordan 1 Retro 86". 

And the price is a bargain at only $130! 

"But Mom!  The shipping is free," was Peter's response. 

I told him I would pay $50 and he could either get a pair of regular Nike's from Kohls with my coupon and the sale or he could pony up the difference and he could have these.

Still waiting on his response but I'm quite certain these are the main reason he went to shovel sidewalks with my brother this morning.

And speaking of my brother,  I wonder if there's an old pair of these Air Jordans somewhere up in the attic at my parents home.  Seems like he went through an Air Jordan phase himself back in the day.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Good plan!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

Excellent parenting.

Madeline said...

Those were big when I was in elementary school too. Because of Michael Jordan. I've always thought they were kind of ugly but if he wants to earn them good for him!!

Mari said...

The snowy picture is beautiful!
Kids and shoes... I remember mine going through this too.

Kelli said...

Yes the price of shoes for kids especially boys is crazy! And they go through them quickly...
Hope you are having a good weekend!