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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm back. And with pictures!

Catholic Schools Week is behind us and I feel like I might be able to catch my breath just a little.  Not too big of a breath though because we are now working on next year's PTO budget as well as recruiting new officers for next year.

In the meanwhile, my house is a total mess.  There are piles of stuff everywhere and I'm not normally a pile person.  I may have one little pile of papers in the office on any given day but the rest of the house is usually pretty orderly.  Not clean mind you, but at least neat.   krawczykk@dhcmc.comI keep telling myself I can always clean next week.  Although, I did have to break down and clean the kid's bathrooms the other day.  If I don't keep on top of that one, the toothpaste residue becomes so hard and so thick that the best tool for the job is a chisel.  But I got to their sinks just in the nick of time so no need to mess around in Dan's toolbox.

In other news of things I'm behind on - I finally downloaded our Christmas photos.  And the only reason I did that is because I finally took some pictures of the kids playing basketball. 

Fear not though, I'm not going to post any Christmas pictures.  However, here are a few shots from last Saturday's game.  I know you want to see my kids running up and down the court.  Everyone does! 


Billie Jo said...

Oh...the bathrooms...
The toothpaste in the sink is bad.
But how about the spray on the mirror?!?!
Your little lady looks great out there!
Enjoy! : )

Kelli said...

Great pictures! I have two here that are in the middle of basketball season as is so fun to watch.

Madeline said...

Cleaning bathrooms is definitely something to stay on top of! I have Toilet Tuesdays and Wipe-Down Wednesdays and Towel Thursdays(Cleaning the toilet, quick clean. and towel laundry) The first weekend of the month then is deep clean bathroom weekend. Mopping, washing shower curtain/bathmats/trashcan.

I love your action shots. Sarah looks so small compared to some of those girls and I'm sure not even really very short.

Mari said...

I did some much needed cleaning today too - it was way overdue!
You got some great pics of both kids!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The cleaning never ever ends!!!! I love the kids colorful kicks; so stylish!!!!