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Monday, February 16, 2015


It's Monday morning.  The kids are in bed thanks to a teacher workday.  Dan's at work.  I've got a load of laundry in the machine, the dishwasher is humming away and I realized - I should write a #babble post because its been ages!

So here goes:

The kids finished their basketball season this weekend.  They both had a great time and learned so much.  I'm really impressed with all they know now.  While watching Peter's game, the ref blew the whistle and I asked my dad what the call was.  Before he could answer, Sarah said, "It was a moving screen violation, Mom."  

But as much fun as I've had watching my kids play this season, I'm glad it's over.  They've been practicing since October and playing games since the first weekend in November and it's just time to be done.

We've got a few weeks before track practice starts and they are looking forward to coming straight home every day after school and quite frankly so am I.  I'm ready to put an "Out of Service" sign on the old taxi cab for a bit.

We are finally going to get some winter weather around these parts starting this afternoon.  They are calling for ice and snow starting this afternoon around 2:00.  Many of the local school systems have already called for early dismissal even though nothing has started yet. And I'm sure that if this does come as predicted, the kids won't have school tomorrow and best case will have a delay on Wednesday.  Our school can be a little more lenient with bad weather because we have no buses.  If there's ice and snow the public schools around here will be out for several days most likely.  And I know the people in New England are shaking their heads, but we just don't have the equipment to deal with snow and ice. 

Our Valentine's Day was very low key.  We had basketball Saturday morning and we went to church Saturday night because we had a basketball game on Sunday morning.  In between, Sarah made some red velvet cream cheese brownies from scratch while I observed/instructed.  I thought they were good but she said she didn't like them.  Well then - we better keep practicing until we find the perfect brownie recipe!

And that my friends, is enough babbling for one day. Enjoy your week.


Billie Jo said...

Beth...your first paragraph...exactly what is happening here!!!! Exactly! : )

Enjoy your wintery weather...stay cozy and warm with your sweeties.

Cold here... -24 degrees. For real.

Kelli said...

I always feel the same way when a sports season ends...I have enjoyed it but ready for it to end.

Your brownies look amazing!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Mmmm….brownies. I shouldn't have read this tonight being Ash Wednesday and all. Now I really am craving brownies. :)

Michelle said...

Having a break between seasons always feels so good!:) the brownies looked great!:)