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Sunday, April 7, 2013

WIWS: The Barney Edition

It's Sunday and here's what I wore.

This is my typical foot pose for WIWS photos.  I never know what to do with my foot so I always point it out like a deranged ballerina.

My brother told me the other day that he thought the way I put my foot out looked strange.  So I tried several different poses but didn't know what to do with my foot. This is my "trying to pretend I don't feel stupid with my foot NOT poked out" pose. 

This is the sweet rose detail on my cardi. My fashion photographer thought I needed a close-up of this.


Tee-Shirt - Kohl's
Sweater - Target
Pants - Target (On clearance - $7.49!)
Shoes - Target

I got these pants on clearance at Target for $7.49.  Which was a great deal...until I got them home and wondered what the heck do you wear with purple pants?!

I have a purple and black striped tee shirt that is the exact same shade of purple as the pants but when I put it on I had to laugh. The whole outfit felt very Garanimals so I just couldn't do it - especially not to church.

So I went with the only other thing in my closet that felt safe with purple....and I'm even questioning this.  I think I need to pull out some old Barney VHS cassettes to see what he would recommend... a green vest perhaps?

Head on over to Fine Linen and Purple to see what else everyone wore to church today! 


Anonymous said...

I think the purple pants looks great with the cardi and shirt! A green vest might help though too!

Rosie said...

This post was a hoot - Barney!

They look more pink in the pictures, no dinosaur comparisons here :) I love colored pants - when my middle school students started wearing them a few years back I thought they were nuts, and the next season it became a huge mom trend! Now I pay more attention to my trendsetting students, although I don't see leggings & sequined Uggs in my fashion future :P

Cat said...

I think those pants look great! And you figured out to just to stick to neutrals on top since the pants are the attention-grabber. I do love that detail on the cardigan, though.

Erika said...

Target has the best cardigans! And I love the color of those pants. So pretty!

Shannon said...

You did a fantastic job coordinating with the pants. Neutrals were the way to go.