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Monday, April 22, 2013

And we're okay with that!

My parents got the kids tickets to Carowinds for Easter instead of  toys that would get tossed sooner rather than later into the bonus room or as I like to refer to it, the land where all the toys go to die.

Carowinds is a large theme park about an hour from here.  Peter has been begging us to go for the last few months saying that he wants to ride the roller coasters.  He's never been on a roller coaster before so I was skeptical.

I hate roller coasters.  I am afraid of heights.  I get nauseous on rides that spin around and around.

So basically Carowinds is my worst nightmare and honestly I was afraid we would get there, ride one ride and Peter would be petrified.

Typically if you would ask me which kid is more brave than the other, I would say Sarah.  However, after a trip hiking last summer, I discovered that Sarah has a fear of heights.  Check out the last two pictures in this post for visual proof.  Or for fun, just go ahead and read the whole post. 

We got to Carowinds right as it opened on Saturday morning.  As chance would have it, we entered through the gate nearest Planet Snoopy which is the kiddie section of the park.  We decided to ride on the Woodstock Express which is  only one of two roller coasters I have ever ridden in my life.  Interesting fact: when I rode it as a kid, it was called The Scooby Doo.

I sat with Sarah, and Dan and Peter sat in front of us.  I held Sarah's hand and basically kept my eyes closed the entire time because did I mention?  I hate roller coasters.

After the first hill, Sarah screamed, "Get me off of this thing!!!!".

And when we thankfully pulled back into the station, Sarah decided that just like me, she has a fear of heights and a loathing of roller coasters.

We managed to get her on the Red Baron which is a swing ride where all of the seats look like Snoopy's plane.  You can hold a rudder straight to keep the plane from swing back and forth as the ride is going around or you can move the rudder to make the plane go crazy.

I promised Sarah I would keep the plane straight and off we went.  Since I get nauseous on rides that go round and round I kept my eyes closed except for the two times I peaked to see what Peter and Dan were doing in front of us.  But when I did, I could see that they were wildly moving their rudder because their plane was going up and down and sideways and every which way but loose as we were spinning around.  And just looking at that made me want to throw up.

We got off that ride and Sarah realized that like me, she gets nauseous swinging around in a circle.

At this point, the boys went into the big park and Sarah and I stayed in Planet Snoopy.  I convinced her to go on a few more rides but they were all geared towards very young kids.  And we were both very happy.

Peter LOVED all the roller coasters and he already wants to know when we can back because apparently 7 hours of roller coaster fun is just not enough for him. 

I'm not sure when he will get to go back, but I am sure that when they do go back, Sarah and I won't be joining them! And we're okay with that!

Happy as a clam on the slow moving boats!

Even happier on the slow moving carousel!


Mari said...

I guess it all works out then - you and Sarah will have to stick together!

Colleen said...

Oh man, I hear you on the circular motion - blech! And I used to LOVE roller coasters but even those make me sick now. It's tough to be a party pooper at amusement parks, but at least you have a buddy to do it with now!

Jennifer said...

You can always do what I do (one who shares your "love" of roller coasters) - go in the summer time -you and Sarah head to the water park and let the boys go play :) Works well for me!