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Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's been a crazy busy week so 7 Quick Takes Friday is just what I need!

1.  Last Friday evening Dan, Sarah and I went to Chick-Fil-A.  Peter was with my parents.  It was a little chilly so I threw on my new white denim jacket.  I got it about a month ago but for some reason have yet to wear it.  Perhaps because it's been so darn cold and rainy lately that white denim just seemed out of place with my parkas, rain gear, gloves, etc.  Okay, I'm exaggerating a little but not much.

When we got home from dinner, I took off the jacket and hung it up.  Do you see what I see?

Talk about being embarrased.    Dan assured me at home that it wasn't noticeable. But he did call me Minnie Pearl for the rest of the evening.

2.  And it's not my first Minnie Pearl episode.  Check out this old blog post for a similar yet completed dissimilar incident.

3.  Poor Peter's allergies have been giving him a hard time the last couple of weeks.  On Sunday morning, he complained of an ear ache and a sore throat.  I had Dan whisk him off to Urgent Care because we had a track meet later that afternoon and I didn't want him to go if he had an ear infection or strep throat.

The doctor said his ear looked fine and his throat looked fine...most likely just problems caused by all of his coughing and congestion.  He prescribed an antibiotic and off we went to the track meet where Peter proceeded to run faster than normal!

4.  Fast forward a couple of days when he needed to use his asthma rescue inhaler twice and then the next day after school covered himself up with a blanket and took an almost 2 hour nap. I decided enough was enough so we headed to the allergist the next day where he got...

A nebulizer treatment. 

5. He's had those before and they usually seem to do the trick but it didn't seem to work as well as they normally do so we got to stop by the pharmacy and bring home these....

Not shown - the Zyrtec that he takes daily that doesn't seem to be helping him in the least

6.  He's doing much better now thankfully.  He's able to breath without so much wheezing and his congestion seems to be clearing up.  He hates taking all this stuff but luckily he is old enough now that he can swallow pills which are must less disgusting than all the "flavored" liquid meds for little kids.  Plus I let him chase the pills with a shot of Coke which he thinks is the coolest.

7.  Another busy weekend on tap...birthday dinner for my BFF tonight, 5k tomorrow morning, Sarah's piano recital (stay tuned Monday for pictures of her in her cute little dress!), track practice, oh! And a visit from Aunt Cathy!!

For less price tags and medicine, head on over to Jen's place for more Quick Takes!


Mari said...

:) at the price tag! I can't laugh to hard because I've done it myself.
My allergies have been bad too and I find myself using the rescue inhaler. Hope Peter feels better!

Kim said...

I meant to tell you on Tuesday that I liked your white denim jacket. Very fitting and stylish even without the tag ;)

Renee said...

#1 Yes announce to the world, you shop at Walmary! :)