Monday, April 15, 2013

We were busy and now it's done.

Busy! That was us this weekend. 

On Friday evening I dropped Sarah off with her Brownie troop and they headed for a weekend of camping fun at Dan Nicholas park.  She was excited and ready to go!

Sarah's in the blue shirt with the pink shorts and next to her in the pink and black is her BFF Cheyanne.

Then I sent Peter to Grandma's and Grandpa's house and when Dan finally got home from work we went out on a date night.  Good food.  Even better company!

Dan mowed the yard on Saturday and I cleaned the house.  Good times. 

Sunday afternoon we picked up Sarah and headed to a track meet!  The kids did great.  (I do have to note here that Sarah is fast and poor Peter is not as fast. I guess he gets his slow running skills from me! Sorry Pete.)

I am the assistant to the track coach - which is not to be confused with assistant track coach.  Remember how Dwight Schrute was the assistant to the regional manager but thought he was assistant regional manager?  Ha!  Poor Dwight!  And don't worry...I have no aspirations to be assistant track coach.  Assistant to the track coach is fine with me.

I just handle all the emails and paperwork and forms, etc. so that the coach doesn't have to  deal with all of that.  Our track team is pretty big (90 kids all together) so there's a lot of "communicating" that has to go on. 

Also yesterday I was working at the track meet.  After I made sure all 90 kids had their track uniforms (can we say crazy?? luckily I had two people helping me!) I was writing times and getting them to the ribbon table. 

Let's just say that after 4 hours of standing on my feet in the hot spring sun I have never been so happy to have one of these...

And tired Sarah had to put the finished touches on her government project.  She felt like there was too much white space so after much brainstorming and many rejected ideas, I called in the big guns.

That's right.  I called my mom.  They decided that adding plastic flowers and little flags was just what the project needed.  Unfortunately last week was just too crazy to get it all done before last night.  I'm not one to complete projects at the last minute but sometimes that's the only time.

Here she is before she left for school this morning:

And yes, she's taking that pointer to school to use when she makes her presentation. 

And yes, I was mad when she wrote her name in the middle of the tree and crooked to boot!  And yes, I got over it.

Peter said, "Nice nature project, Sarah!"

Ha!  He may not be fast but he's funny.

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Mari said...

I love the shots of the kids running! Sarah did a good job on her tree - even with her name in the middle! :)