Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to go from Sarah's project to Steve Jobs in a few short paragraphs.

Now that Spring Break is officially over, and spring has officially arrived, and Dan is home for a few weeks, we are back to normal around here.

And that's not a bad thing except the kids are so ready to be done with homework, tests, projects and school in general.  But that's not going to happen until June 7th so until then...

Sarah has been hard at work on her latest school project....

Three guesses as to what it is.

Yep.  That's right.  Her project is on the three branches of government and yes, she is being cliche and painting a tree with three branches on her tri-fold display board.  But never fear. Sarah is not one to be too cliche - she sprinkled glitter all over it while the tree was still wet.

I'm hoping that she can get all of her information glued onto the board this afternoon and we can be done with this project.  She did all the research (looked in two library books so I guess it can be called research) and typed the information into Word herself.  It was excruciatingly painful for me to watch her do that because it would have been so much faster for me just to type it up for her.  But as she reminded me as she was glittering up her tree, "It's MY project Mom!"  And she is taking keyboarding at school so she is slowly but surely learning to type.  (With the emphasis on slowly.)

And I feel like such a dinosaur because I still refer to it as typing.  When I do the kids look confused until I correct myself by saying "keyboarding".  And then there's the time when I told my kids that I didn't even see a computer until 9th grade and all it had was a black screen with a flashing cursor and in order to get it to do anything you had to type paragraph-long commands.  Which takes me back to a computer class in college where we had to write programs using page-long commands.

And most of the time my friend and partner in the computing lab could never get the programs to work - even after hours of work and lots of help from the geeks in the lab.

Thank the Lord for Steve Jobs and all the rest of the computer geeks.  Or this blog would just be a diary scratched out into notebook.  But that seems so cliche now.  Perhaps it needs some glitter?


Grandma T said...

Now this does bring back bad memories of the "old" computer days!!

Kimberly said...

My group of 5th Grade students this year:

All were born after September 11 2001 happened.

Have never known life without Internet, email, or cell phones.

Surely does put things in perspective.

deborah said...

I still say typing too. My poor kids! Our program is called Typing Instructor for Kids and since we homeschool, they aren't used to the term keyboarding either. I will have to catch them up to modern times! :)

I bet glitter would help. Glitter always helps, doesn't it?

Great job, Sarah!