Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Minutia - Where I Babble On About the Trivial Details of My Weekend.

Yesterday afternoon the kids had their first track practice of the season.  I am the coach's administrative assistant which is far different than being the assistant coach.  Basically I keep up with a spreadsheet and walk around the track with a clipboard.

I told Dan I felt very official and just needed a whistle and then I'd be all set.

We painted our bedroom this weekend and of course, by "we" I really mean Dan.  We also rearranged the furniture and now our already fairly big bedroom seems even bigger.  Makes me wish I could simply rearrange my kitchen but alas, short of a renovation, nothing will ever help the size of that small space.

If I get off my rear end, perhaps I might be able to post pictures of my new wall color and new bedspread.  But don't count on it because I'm pretty comfortable sitting right where I am.

Besides, the cat is on my lap and she hates it when I move.  I think she's even lazier than I am.

And speaking of cats, I saw this and had to laugh. These cats resemble my two cats in both size and color. Perhaps that's what the little cat is always on my lap.  She's afraid she's going to be eaten by the bigger one!

Alright, that's enough minitea for one day.

Oh!  Perhaps I'll start a new blog meme!


We call all babble on about the trivial details of our weekend. I'm game!  Who's in?


Mari said...

I love that cat picture! I also love your idea - I may join in from time to time. :)

Grandma T said...

Those cats really do look like yours! In fact, for a second I was really concerned about Gray-Gray!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the cat picture!