Monday, March 4, 2013

Just go elsewhere if you're looking for cute, colorful, well-labeled bins.

I used to read a lot of organizing blogs.  I thought the more of those I read, the better organized I would be.


Apparently you have to actually get of your rear end and sort, throw away, move, and reorganize a bunch of junk to actually have an organized home.  Just looking at pictures of other people's organized cabinets won't help you straighten yours.

And then there were the cute colored bins and all the color coordinated labels made in cute fonts and printed on cute scrapbook paper that just made me want to gag.  If that's what it takes to be organized, then I'll just be junky.

But I have found that a closet, a drawer, or a cabinet will get so unorganized that it becomes unusuable and I have no choice left but to do something about it.

Such was the case for one of my kitchen cabinets.  My kitchen is tiny.  I have a lot of kitchen items that I use occasionally that don't fit into my tiny kitchen and have to be located in the garage or in the basement.  It's a pain but I consider myself lucky to have a garage and a basement and if you are only using something once or twice a month then it's really not that big of a deal to go get it.  (Although I do a lot of mental griping and complaining the whole time I'm getting said item out of the basement.  And then I realize what I'm doing and thank God for all the good things I DO have and tell my selfish self to shut up and stop complaining.)

Where were we?  I think I got off track.

Oh, yes!  My cabinet.  The unorganized offender is one I open frequently, probably more than any other cabinet in my tiny kitchen.  It's the cabinet that houses our K-cups and my spices.

And I know what you are probably thinking, What's wrong with that? That looks pretty good to me.
Or you may be thinking, How does she live like that? Call Hoarders!

Look at all the items I had shoved into that cabinet...

That's a lot of stuff.  And my main problem was the spices.  See my cute little Spice Stack up there?  Well, it works great (thanks Cathy!) but I have accumulated way more spices than just one Spice Stack will hold.  So I purchased another one.

And after lots of tossing and reshoving in other places, this is what I now have:

Isn't she a beauty to behold?  I just have to put the labels on the Spice Stack so I know where each spice is located.  I'm just afraid of comittment at this point because I know the minute after I get the labels on this bad boy, I'm going to need another spice, purchase it, and realize ugh, now my labels aren't alphabetized any longer!

I left some blank spots in case this happened so I do have room to expand and I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that if that occurs the labels won't be perfectly alphabetized.

And one other thing I'm just going to have to deal with...

When I was relocating the other items that had been previously stored in this cabinet I realized that the basement, the garage and all the kitchen drawers needed to be reorganized.

So what did I do?  I grabbed a K-Cup, brewed a cup of coffee, and decided to read an organizing blog...


Lisa said...

Ok, I am so jealous of that spice rack! Also- I've nominated you for a Liebster award. Here are the details:
If you'd rather not participate that's a-ok. Here are the details if you want to check it out:

deborah said...

Looks great! I really can't call myself an organizer like the organizy people that run the organizing blogs, but I do love to organize. Doesn't mean everything here is always organized. FAR from it, but I love the organizing and how nice it looks when you're done.

And I think grabbing a k-cup and taking a break after your hard work of organizing your cupboard was a great idea!

KMantoan said...

Reading organizing blogs is so much better than organizing, just like scrolling through Pinterest is so much better than actually crafting or decorating. I just keep telling myself "once the kids are older/out of the house/I'm in a retirement home", then I'll finally have time for it all.