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Monday, March 25, 2013

It's just ridiculous.

Yesterday I realized that I had a $10 Kohl's coupon, $10 Kohl's cash and a 30% off coupon (all set to expire within the next couple of days.) And if you are a Kohl's shopper then you know that's Kohls' version of the trifecta and it doesn't come around too often.

 So I dropped the kids off at school this morning and headed to Kohl's. But I decided I better swing into Target first. I really enjoy cruising through Target with a big red buggy and a cup of their coffee.  I  looked at the shoes and some dish towels and grabbed a few things to round out the kid's Easter baskets.

Which reminds me, yesterday Sarah said, "Mom, are you the Easter bunny?" As soon as she said this, my dear sweet scared husband headed out of the room and out the front door to avoid that conversation.

"What do you think, honey?" That's always my go-to response when I'm asked about Santa Claus so I figured it would work for E.B. as well.

"Mom, I want a real answer from you." I tried to change the subject and she said, "Now, you're just changing the subject!"

We went back and forth until she said, "I mean, really? A big bunny that hops around delivering Easter baskets is just ridiculous!" And somehow, I got out of that one without actually answering the question.

 I think she still believes in the Easter Bunny but it will be interesting to see what she says on Easter morning.

Anyway, I was cruising through Target with my big red cart, my big cup of coffee and generally enjoying myself before the craziness of Spring Break begins in a couple of days, when I wheeled out from a side aisle into the big  main aisle. As I was doing this an older woman wheeled out from a side aisle on the opposite side of the big aisle. 

So she and I were both in the big aisle going in opposite directions but driving with our carts on the left side of the aisle as if we were in Ireland and not in America. 

And then she gave me an evil stare and started muttering that she thought you were supposed to drive your cart on the right side of the aisle and she thought it was ridiculous that people were driving their carts on the left  side of the aisle.

So I muttered out loud, "Are you serious?"

But really, I should have just taken her to the aisle where they have these:

 Because needing to use something other than a knife is what's ridiculous!

Well, that and a big giant bunny that hops around handing out Easter baskets.


Mari said...

Well then! I guess she told you a thing or two...
Now you need to share about your Kohls deals. :)

deborah said...

Haha! Gotta watch out for those crazy cart drivers!

Did Kohl's have a banana slicer for you to use your coupons on? ;)

That is an awesome combination to have in hand when headed to Kohls. I hope you found something great!

Grandma T said...