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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And here's how it went down...

I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath to find out how The Talk went with Peter on Friday night.

In one word - smooth.

But if you want a more than one word then - On Friday night as Sarah and Dan headed for the Daddy/Daughter Dance, Peter and I headed to dinner at a local wing restaurant.  Peter had not been there in ages (and in fact never remembered even going there) because Dan and I don't think the food there is that great.  But we must be the only ones who feel that way because we had to wait 25 minutes for a table.

And we waited outside in the cold.  Peter who is cold natured liked me, was wearing a very large coat.  He had it zipped all the way up and had the hood pulled over his head.  You know how when you are a mom and you are heading out into the bitter winter weather you would bundle your two-year-old up so tightly that they couldn't move?  Kind of like Randy in a Christmas Story:

That's what Peter reminded me of standing there in the cold night air.  A two-year-old. Only Peter was not wearing a scarf or mittens but you get the idea.

And I thought to myself, where did my baby go?  He's ten and I'm about to tell him the facts of life and he's standing there all bundled up and all I want to do is squeeze him and hug him and tell him to stop growing up so fast.  But before I could embarrass him like that, they called us.  Our table was ready.

But I can't finish this story yet because Peter has an allergist appointment and I'm about to be late to pick him up....

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