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Monday, November 5, 2012

4th Grade Country Festival

Since the beginning of school, Peter's class has been working on a big project in Social Studies. 

They each had to pick a country and research it.  They had to learn about the geography, the history, the food, the people, etc. and they had to put their information into a large demo board as well as a travel brochure.  They also had to make a flag.  They worked on this project in class with their teacher, in the media center with the librarian, in computer class, as well as in art class.

They had to present their information in class to the other students and they had to take notes on the other countries as well.

And then the big day came.

The Country Festival!

On Friday, they set up their information boards, brought in food from their countries for their classmates and parents to sample and had a parade through the school.

Many of the kids dressed in costumes from their country and brought items from that country as well.

Then each of the other grades came through, looked at the projects and asked the kids questions about their countries.

Peter loved it!  He said the best part of the whole project was when everyone asked him questions and he knew the answers.  I thought the best part was the food but that's just me!

Peter's country was Russia.  He wore an old Soviet soldier's hat and we got many items from a friend who had been to Russia. 

Here are pictures from the Country Festival:

The whole school lined the halls to watch the 4th Grade parade through with their flags.
Sweden and Russia

Heading upstairs to the Middle School.

After they paraded through the school, they entered the gym while their country name was being called out. (And the Olympic music was playing.)

The kids really enjoyed trying food from other countries.

Peter is imparting his knowledge on the 3rd graders.

Peter is telling the principal, Sister Geri, all about Russia.

Great job 4th Grade!!


Colleen said...

This is an awesome idea - and one I want to share with my kid's school! And I love that the principal is a Sister - exactly how it should be!

Kimberly said...

Very cool project/activity. My school does some similar, parade,etc during Multicultural week. I think we have about 30ish countries represented by the students who attend my school.