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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of a fly on the wall!

Peter brought home this paper from school yesterday.  It was something that he wrote last week about his first day of school.

Please don't give Peter a hard time for his cursive because I think it looks wonderful!  It is so much neater than his printing and he basically taught himself over the summer.   He would get so angry when I would try to help him that he would tell me to go away.  And my kids still ask me why I won't home school them.  Hmmmm...I wonder?

Anyway, there are misspellings and he still forgets to cross his t's and dot his i's but I think this is great even though what he has written makes me just a little sad.

Here is the translation with the misspellings corrected and everything dotted and crossed:

On the first day of school I was VERY nervous.  I didn't want to get out of bed.  I was nervous because I wouldn't know anyone.  When I got downstairs I ate breakfast and got dressed.  After that I brushed my teeth.  Then I read Harry Potter for a  little. A little while later my mom told me to get in the car.

I knew he was nervous.  Why wouldn't he be?  But to see it written down in his own handwriting just made it seem so real.  But I love that his teacher wrote that she's glad he's there at the top of the page and I love how she agreed that not knowing anyone is scary.

It's been a week now since their first day.  Peter still doesn't like the uniform and the fact that the school day is 30 minutes longer.  But he has made a friend.

It's the same guy that spoke to him the first minute that we walked into the gym.  He was a sweet little kid that asked Peter how old he was and if he had received his first communion yet.  (Only at Catholic school would that be one of the first questions someone asks you!)

Seems these two have a lot in common - they both love Legos, Pokemon, and Mad TV just to name a few.  This little boy even has a peanut allergy and on days when someone in the class brings peanut butter for lunch the two of them get to sit at a special table together.  Peter thought that was pretty cool!

Of course, the only way I know about their friendship is through a conversation I had with this little boy's mother at a parent meeting at school last week.  Apparently her son told her all about Peter.  Peter has not mentioned a word about him.  Sarah on the other hand told me that the two of them were talking and laughing all through lunch yesterday.  That made me so happy to hear!  Of course, if you ask Peter how school is going all you get is, "It's so long!  I hate the uniform!  Why are you sending us to this new school?"  So at least I know there is some laughter and some enjoyment.

 I would love to be a fly on the wall but since I don't have that super power yet, at least I have Sarah!


RR Mama said...

What is it about boys and having to pry everything out of them. I asked my oldest how school went on the first day and all I got was, it's OK. The youngest said it was the best day ever! But nothing else, zip, nada, no details. UGH! Glad Peter is having a great time even if you had to find out about it from Sarah.

Wendy said...

Glad to hear it is going well. I think his cursive writing looks great!

Anonymous said...

aw, i remember Peter working on his cursive over the summer. good job to you and Peter - it looks great to me!
i also love his teacher's comments.
glad Peter has a friend. seems perfect.