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Monday, August 29, 2011

Only a mother would pray for this!

This is the first real week of school.  Last week the kids only went three days and they got out at 1:00 instead of 3:00 each day.  It was nice to  ease into things.

And homework starts this week. 

Peter hates the uniform.  Hates it.  He loves his "squishy pants" as he calls them.  Basically his "squishy pants" are athletic shorts or long pants that have an elastic waist.  He even stopped wearing jeans last year and exclusively wore "squishy pants".

His uniform consists of pants that have a button and a zipper and must be worn with a belt and his shirt must be tucked in.  That's a lot for him to do.  So we made him practice yesterday.  My big fear is not that he isn't going to make friends or that he isn't going to do well academically, it's that he isn't going to get everything untucked, unbelted, unbuttoned and unzipped in time when he needs to go. 

So in addition to all of the things I pray for on a daily basis, I have now added a special "please help my kids make it to the bathroom in time". 

And I'm sure this afternoon when it's time to do homework, I'll be adding all sorts of other special prayers.   

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