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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Jitters

The kids were very nervous this morning.  Both stated several times that they had butterflies.  We said a lot of prayers and I reminded them of all the people that were praying for them this morning as they started at their new school.

On the way to school this morning, we saw two deer cross the road about 100 yards in front of us.  The kids thought that was very cool.  I was jsut thankful that the car nearest to them saw the deer and slowed down to let them cross.  Seeing Bambi and her mother smashed in front of you is not the way to start the new school year!

We decided that I would walk them in and wait with them until the bell rang for class to begin.  Dan couldn't stomach the idea of them waiting all alone on their first day.  He was right.  That would have been miserable.

At this school, all the kids gather in the gym before school starts and congregate by grade level. I walked in with them and helped them find the kids in their grades.  I introduced them to a few kids and we waited for the bell.  Everyone was very friendly.  One little girl even gave Sarah a big hug.  Sarah seemed a little taken back at first but then she flashed  a big smile.

I met a couple of the mothers and they all seemed very friendly and welcoming.  Then the bell rang.  All the kids immediately stopped what they were doing and began to line up.  The boys lined up and the girls lined up right beside them by class.  The principal (Sister Geri) and all of the teachers came into the gym.  (The teachers start every morning with a meeting and prayer before coming into the gym.)  Then Sister Geri said a prayer and we all said the Pledge of Allegiance and ended with a resounding "God Bless America!"

Then the teachers led their classes out of the gym and into their rooms and  I left but not before saying a boat load of thank you prayers! 

I'm glad I went in with them. They both seemed fine when they left the gym.  I was a little nervous that one or both of them was going to start crying and not want me to leave.  But this isn't preschool - I guess they really are growing up!

And without further ado here are the annual first day of school pictures:
Aren't they cute in their uniforms?

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They always want to do a "crazy shot"!


Andrea said...

Soooo cute in their uniforms!! Glad to hear they did ok!!

Heather said...

I WANT uniforms! It would make life sooo much easier. I didn't know they were going to a new school.

Corey~living and loving said...

they do look cute. :) I understand the first day at a new school jitters....I have them for Sugar. so far she is doing okay. She starts on Wednesday....we'll see how it goes.