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Monday, August 22, 2011

Look Ma! No dead bodies!

We tried geocaching again this weekend and were successful this time!

Dan and I purposefully chose two locations that were nearby and we knew would be in nice areas.  That way we wouldn't have to stumble on across a dead body while searching through some trashy woods off the highway.

Friday night after dinner we went on our first hunt.  It was near a new church near my grandmother's house.  The description for this geocache said it was "super easy" and they weren't kidding. We literally pulled into the drive way of the church and we spotted an ammo box sitting on top of a large concrete drain cover.  The kids ran to it right away.  They were pretty excited with our find - especially since our first attempt at geocaching left us grumpy, sweaty and empty-handed.

On Sunday evening we attempting another hunt.  This one was outside the local Lowe's Home Improvement store.  The cache was a tiny bison tube but thanks to some really good clues and a quick search of the internet to see exactly what a bison tube looked like, we were able to find it.

We had a lot of fun searching for and finding these two caches.  This is a nice activity for us to do as a family and other than the cost of gas, it is free.  And you can go as close to or as far from your home as you like. 

The kids happily running to our first geocache find!

Holding the ammo box.  (And please note - no trash and no dead bodies!)
Holding our second geocache fine.  It was magnetized and attached to the back of this fence.
It's very tiny and I have to give Dan credit.  He's the one that found it.  The kids and I might still be out there searching for it!


Rachael said...

I love geocaching! we usually do it in the fall and spring though :) less bugs that way. If the kids really enjoy it try finding a geomate jr. for them!! they are AWESOME. Also... try looking under light pole skirts. Those micros can be something as small as a pill carrier ( the kind that hooks to your key chain.) and ALWAYS read the comments. You can usually find out if anyone else has issues finding the cache

Kimberly said...

So do you get anything for finding it, other than excitement and the thrill of the hunt? Like, is there something inside the "treasure" that you get to keep?

Laural Out Loud said...

My mom told me about geocaching several years ago, and I still haven't done it! My daughter would LOVE it, so really, there's no excuse. Especially after reading this post1 Happy hunting!