Friday, June 17, 2011

Sarah's Daisy Bridging Ceremony

Sarah's Daisy troop ended their year with a spaghetti dinner and bridging ceremony.  Sarah has now officially bridged up to Brownies!  Here are some pictures:

Walking across the bridge.

Sarah's friend Cheyanne became a second year Daisy.

Being pinned.

The new Brownies singing the Brownie Smile song!


Anonymous said...

We've recently moved to New York from the UK (Love your blog by the way) but my little one Az was going on about Daises? What are the stages to it? Because I know we have girl guiding in the UK and I know the stages like rainbows, brownies, guides but what is the American version? I'm just a confused Mommy.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...


Girl Scout stages are Daisy (5yrs) Brownies(6-9yrs), Juniors (9-11yrs), Cadettes (11-14yrs), and Seniors (14-17yrs)

She has had a lot of fun as a Daisy. She is looking forward to Brownies because they will be more active and do a lot more outings!