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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ireland - Day 5 - Part 3

Day 5 continued when we visited Caherconnell Stone Fort.  Caherconnell is a ringfort built somewhere between 900- 1000 AD and was occupied up until the 17th century.  A ringfort is a fortified settlement.  This one is thought to have consisted of a large rock wall surrounding two houses and some small farm buildings.  Several families would live in these forts for protection

Our next stop was the town of Kilfenora.  Here we visited  Kilfenora Cathedral.  The Cathedral was built around 1100 and is partly in ruins.  It now houses several high crosses that are being preserved from the elements.  The picture of the high cross with the cows below was taken several hundred yards from the church.  Dan wanted me to jump over the fence and have my picture taken by the cross but there was a "Beware of Bull" sign by the fence so I didn't do it.  We never saw the bull but I didn't want to take any chances!

The pictures below are of the ruins of  Leamaneh Castle.  This castle sits at the intersection of three major roads in the Burren.  We didn't stop to explore this castle but it is one that Dan has driven past many times during his trips to Ireland.

We headed back to Ennis at the end of our day and stopped by the graveyard where Dan's great-grandparents are buried.

And that, is the end of Day 5.  Whew!  We got a lot accomplished!


Mari said...

I'm really enjoying following you on this trip. Beautiful pictures!

Kim said...

How neat is that to see his family's history. Very cool!