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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Highlights and a trim, please.

Last spring I got my hair cut short and as the spring turned in to summer I got it cut even shorter.  And I loved it.  I really did.  As I look back on pictures that were taken from that time, I think , "Look how cute my hair looked."

And then I look in the mirror now and think, "Blech."

You see, I'm letting my hair grow out again.  I decided in the fall that at the age of 41, I needed to have long hair again just one more time before I decided that I would have short hair for the rest of my life. 

Depressing, huh?  But how many middle aged women do you know that are growing their hair out?  I didn't want to be that one lone 50-year-old that was trying to grow their hair way down past their shoulders one more time before they hit menopause so I thought I would give it one last shot.

So here I am with my hair in that icky not-short, not-long stage and it's driving me crazy.  It is resting just above the top of my shoulders which means that it's not turning under and it's not flipping up and it's not laying straight.  Well, let me correct that - it's laying under on one side, it's flipping up on the other and it's laying straight and flat in the back.  And  it's driving me crazy!

I have a hair appointment Friday for fresh highlights and a slight trim before my trip.  Yesterday my phone rang and it was the BFF calling to tell me that she just got a very short and very cute haircut from our stylist.

And I screamed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Don't tell me that!!"  Because I'm weak y'all.  Weak.

I know that when I see her hair this afternoon I am going to want to tell our stylist to just chop mine all off.  To which our stylist will probably just chuckle knowingly and say, "I figured you wouldn't be able to grow it out after I cut Jennifer's." 

But I am going to try to remain strong.  I want my hair to grow past my shoulders again so it will bounce playfully around them.  I want my hair to blow in the wind. I want a long, playful ponytail. But the problem is, it's my hair.  So it doesn't bounce around my shoulders or blow in the wind.  And my ponytails have never been playful. 

My hair makes me look like Marcia Brady.

But I want it long just one more time before I'm too old to pull it off.

So I've got to remain strong on Friday.  "Highlights and a trim ,please," will be my mantra from now until I walk out of the beauty shop.

The only thing I keep thinking is, wouldn't my hair look really cute if it was short when I'm in Ireland?

I don't want to have dumpy clothes and dumpy hair when I look back over the pictures 30 years from now.

Highlights and a trim, please.
Highlights and a trim, please.
Highlights and a trim, please.
Highlights and a trim, please.

Say it with me, y'all...highlights and a trim, please.


Musings of a Housewife said...

I get it. I miss my long hair SO BADLY. But my hair is so very very thin - so thin you can see through it. I have it as short as I'm willing to go and I can't decide if I should try to grow it into one length, to give it more weight and hopefully not look so thin, or if I should keep the layers b/c I like the cute flip, even if you can see thru it. LOL. Getting old stinks.

beth said...

Highlights and a trim, please!! :)
I am in the process of growning out my hair again, too. I am also in the same boat as you are, though. My hair is right at shoulder length, and it is driving me crazy!! But I want long hair again. I look at pictures of myself when my husband and I got married, and my hair was clear down my back, wavy, and beautiful. I want my hair to look like that again, but it certainly is taking a while.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Heather said...

My MIL is one of those in her 50's I'm letting my hair grow out women. I Love my MIL but the hair dresser in me wants nothing more than to cut that fried mess off!!!
Can't wait to see your Ireland pics you post on here. The hair dresser in me will be looking at your hair too;o) haha!

Beth Cotell said...

@HeatherOh, no! The pressure! I may not take any pictures of myself!!

Wendy said...

Didn't you see the article on Yahoo some time ago about all the stars over 50 with long hair. It's in right now so you grow your hair long and keep it that way. You'll be very stylish!

Anonymous said...

i went back to look at the First Communion pics and i think your hair looks great!
so i hope you can stay strong.
and have an awesome time in ireland!

Laural Out Loud said...

Keep chanting "Highlights and a trim, please." Just a few more months and you'll be past the awkward shoulder length stage! I wore a lot of messy ponytails and swept up buns to keep my head looking at least slightly chic while I was growing it out. It's finally about 2 inches below my shoulders and I couldn't be happier. It's funny, 'cause my reason for long hair is the same as yours! I'll have plenty of time when I'm old(er) to have a short cut, so I want it long for now.