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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Duct tape...luckily it comes in different colors.

"Mom, Bruno chewed up the tip of my airsoft gun," Peter said through tears.  "That makes two ruined guns."

To be fair, neither gun was "ruined" but due to my son's negligence, both of his airsoft guns had seen better days.  A couple of months ago the end of his other gun broke off while he and a friend were playing with it and now apparently he left the other gun laying in the neighbor's yard while the boys took a break shooting at things to play hide and seek.

I wanted to wipe my son's tears away, hug him tight and tell him that mommy would buy him another gun if it would make him feel better.

But my husband did the better thing and told him to stop crying and to start taking better care of his toys.  And then he took the gun to his basement work shop and started working.

And just like the other gun weeks before, this one soon emerged repaired.

And just like the other gun weeks before, he used duct tape.

What we do around here without duct tape and glue?

1 comment:

Corey~living and loving said...

parenting is hard. but it sounds like you are nailing it with the help of duct tape. :)