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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A singer and a snourer.

On Tuesday evening, the kid's school had Poetry Night and a Silent Auction.  Sarah was thrilled to stand up in her class and read her poem.  Peter was not.

After we bid on a few of the baskets, (all of the classes contributed items to go into different themed baskets) we headed to Sarah's class.  She chose to read her 'I am" poem.  The teacher had given the class 12 writing prompts that all started with "I".  For instance, I am, I wonder, I hear, etc.

And of course Sarah's poem is about her being a singer.  Here is her poem:

I am a singer.
I wonder if I am any good.
I hear the crowd.
I see my mom and dad.
I want to be famous.
I am a girl.
I pretend I am a pro.
I feel the music in my body.
I touch the microphone.
I worry I am bad.
I grumble when I make mistakes.
I am Sarah Cotell.

Isn't that a fabulous poem?  And so very telling.  Wondering if she is good?  Worrying that she is bad? 

And then there is the whole feeling the music in her body.  Did she get that from Hannah Montana or does she really feel the music in her body?
 (Isn't her outfit the cutest??  I love those striped leggings!)

Next we headed to Peter's class.  He wrote a short poem on a storm.  It was equally as fabulous although Peter would like to point out that he wrote every word by himself and didn't use any writing prompts.

Here is his poem:

The lightning flashed
the thunder crashed, the
rain poured, my dad snoured.                   
I looked out the window
at the storm.

I love this poem.  I love that he wrote that his dad snored (because he does) and I love how he spelled it.  The English language is so complicated! 
(His poem is on a cloud with lightening coming out of it.  I didn't pick up on that right away.  I thought it was a flower.  I'm pretty slow that way.)


Mari said...

They both did a really good job! I think they are pretty talented. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

oooooo I love both poems. I can't wait for Sugar to be doing cool stuff like that. thanks for sharing.

RR Mama said...

They are both great poems. I was thinking the same thing about her leggings before I even scrolled down to read the rest of your post! Guess great minds think alike!

Kimberly said...

As a teacher, my first thought was yay...they have an ActivBoard in the classroom! I got mine last school year, so I've been using it almost 2 years. Couldn't imagine teaching without it now!

The poems were great, by the way!