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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The perfect pair is so hard to find!

I was in Kohl's this morning frantically searching for something to wear to Peter's First Holy Communion on Sunday. 

I just so happened to be wearing a pair of tan colored capris that I had purchased several weeks ago from Kohl's.  I hate clothes shopping and Kohl's is about as close to the mall as I want to get!

As I was trying to determine if the bands of color and pattern on a certain dress would make my thighs look incredibly large (they did!), an older woman approached me.

"These aren't like the one's you are wearing are they?" she questioned as she held up another pair of capris but in a different style and a lighter color.

I examined what she was holding and said, "No, those are different.  Mine are Sonoma brand.  I got them from over there."  I motioned to a different section of the ladies department.

"Oh thank you!  I like yours so much better than these!"  She scurried off to find the pants.

I forgot about the woman and went into the dressing room, tried on four outfits, deposited the ill-fitting clothes at the discard rack and went to a different section the ladies department and started my search again.

"There you are!" she exclaimed, a little bit out of breath and almost annoyed that she couldn't find me sooner.  She was clutching another pair of capris.  She looked down at my pants and then declared, "These aren't the right ones either!"

"Well, I bought them several weeks ago.  They are probably out of stock," I replied.

I am almost certain that if I had offered, she would have taken my pants right then and there.

And there's really no point to this post except to point out that even in their sixties, ladies are still frantically searching for the perfect pair of pants. 

And I'm kind of annoyed that a woman in her late sixties (maybe even older) was shopping in the same section of Kohl's with me. 

Wonder if that's how the teenagers feel when I'm shopping in the Junior's department?  Like, totally!

1 comment:

RR Mama said...

That post was TOTALLY funny. Like um gag me with a spoon. Oh the flash backs you just gave me of Valley Girl. Thanks for the sweet comment about the boys. And I took a mental health day today and I'm feel a little better. I'm sure God is pretty sick of me taking so much of his time today. All day I was like Hello God it's me, AGAIN!