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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's ramblings.

1.  Peter, who is being punished with no computer for 10 days because of poor behavior in class, informed me yesterday that the little boy who enticed him to participate in said poor behavior, gave him the web address for a place where "you can go see a picture of a naked lady and she's not blurred out.  But I didn't go there Mommy!"

I guess during Peter's 10 day no-computer punishment, I'll be researching parental blocking software.  Lovely.

2.  I ran 4  miles this morning.  It took me an hour, but I did it.  Thanks to a very cold and snowy winter and a very wet and windy spring, I have just started running again over the last few weeks.  And thanks to lack of exercise this winter and the fact that I continued to eat like I had been running, I gained 5 pounds.  And unlike back in the good old days when I was younger, it is taking me forever to get rid of these 5 pounds.  As in, they aren't budging.  As in, I think they've unpacked and decided to stay for a while.  As in, I guess I'm going to have to start exercising a lot more and start eating a lot less. 

Thank you  middle-age. You continue to surprise me with new things - wrinkles, spots, droopy parts, saggy pieces and now - slow metabolism.  What's next?  Hot flashes?

3. I am trying not to be jealous of the Pioneer Woman.  I love her and haven't previously been jealous of her success.  I feel as if I sort of helped get her to where she is.  I mean, I was commenting on her blog back when only a hundred people would comment on a post at a time. 

I wasn't jealous when she got a cook book deal, or a novel deal or even when she got to do guests spots on the Today Show.  I wasn't even too jealous when I heard she was getting her own show on the Food Network.  The Food Network people!  One of my favorite networks.  No, I was pretty cool about even that. 

But now, she has just released A CHILDREN'S BOOK.  That was the straw that did it, folks.  I have always had it in my head that I would write a children's book.  Of course, I didn't have any characters fleshed out or a plot line formulated but I just had it in my head that I would do it someday.  And now she's adding that to her "I started a blog and look what cool things I got from it" list. And yes, now I can officially admit that I am a teensy weensy bit jealous.  Just a wee little bit.

4.  According to spell check  "teensy" is not a word but "weensy" is.  Huh?  Is there another definition for the word "weensy"?  I thought it was only used when paired with "teensy".

5.  I did not watch the Royal Wedding but I did turn the TV on just in time to see the happy couple walking down the aisle.  I took one look at Kate's dress and decided that I HATED IT!  It looked so old lady-ish - except for the cone-shaped chest area which reminded me of Madonna.

 I did, however, LOVE Pippa's dress.  I guess I was expecting something more like that for Kate only with a super long train.  Huge disappointment!


Corey~living and loving said...

love your randomness in this one...and the first one...oh my....I'm so not ready for what other kids are exposing my child to. sigh.

and the dress....yes...the chest part...not flattering.

Aimee said...

oh my gosh! I LOVED her dress, lol! - I thought it was demure and feminine and lovely. Nothing like the horrible strapless things that are available for brides now. I thought she looked so beautiful.

And YIKES about the naked lady picture info . . . at least he told you all about it!

Mary said...

I absolutely LOVED Kate's dress, too: elegant and simple. I thought it looked just as it should; it was certainly a fairy tale wedding!
Just wait until he uses the "f" word as his username...and then blames knowing the word on his aunt! :D