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Friday, November 9, 2007

Please don't comment on the size of my side saddles!

My husband and I have dined at Texas Ranch and Cattle several times. If you've never been I think you should try it out. It's your typical steak house with wooden floors, dark paneling, paintings of wildlife and dead animal heads hanging on the wall. You get the drift. Their signature dish is a smoked sirloin and it's delish.

The first time we went, we placed our order for the smoke sirloin and the waitress said, "What side saddle would you like with that?" Dan and I looked at one another and snickered.

Dan said, "Side saddle? Um what's um a ....side saddle?" He had a hard time getting it out. Of course a side saddle would be a side item like baked potato, mashed potato, french fries, etc. We hate it when restaurants try to get cutesy with their menus. It's so unnecessary.

We made sure to give our waitress a little extra in the tip for having to say such a silly thing.
Side saddle...puh-lease!

Anyway, we continue to snicker and joke about the side saddles and even several months later are still laughing about it. Dan looked at me last weekend and said, "Your side saddles are getting pretty big."

We won't be talking about side saddles any more.

Note - If you ever go to Texas Land and Cattle, don't get the fried pickles. I love me some fried pickles but theirs were no good. They used spears and I prefer chips when frying pickles. Why do you think I purchased a Fry Daddy in the first place?


jennwa said...

Your "side saddles", I will keep my comments to myself.
Just kidding.
I have never had fried pickles. I am seeing so many uses, for you, to use my Fry Daddy. Fried Pickles and Wings with ranch. Yum !!!

Megan Cobb said...

I had fried pickles the day I went into labor with Bean!

Side saddles? Getting big? He camped out under the stars that night, I bet! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the fried pickles...I was very disappointed when I ordered them at Texas Land & Cattle. They definitely don't measure up to the ones we used to get at Sandwich Construction back in the early SLR days! Memories!!

Pampered Mom said...

I love fried pickles too. I have had them there and I don't like the spears either. I hope Peter is feeling beter.