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Monday, November 5, 2007

Ahoy there matey!

My son's fifth birthday is in a couple of weeks! Even though he will be turning five this will be his first birthday party with friends. So far, every year we have celebrated with whatever set of grandparents and aunts and uncles were available. I would cook a nice dinner and we would have cake, ice cream and of course, presents. Peter and Sarah always had a great time and never once asked for a party with friends.

My husband isn't big on celebrating birthdays...he thinks it's a waste of money and that it should be treated just like any other day. (That might be true for a 41 year old male who doesn't like to spend money but not so true for a 5 year old.) And I always felt like the kids should ask for a party with friends before we went to all that trouble. Well, several weeks ago Peter asked, "When do I get to have all of my friends over for a birthday party?" The mere question made my knees tremble and perspiration break out over my brow.

The thought of having a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds over for a party made me weak. And I'm not exactly sure, but I think this would also mean their parents would be coming as well since most people aren't comfortable dropping their four year old off somewhere with someone they didn't know really well. That's too many people for my house (and my wallet!) so I started thinking about other options. I went through them all in my head...

our house - too small for lots of kids and parents

the local inflatable place - too expensive

the skating rink - too expensive and Peter doesn't know how to skate

the park - November could potentially be too cold

After deciding against all of those options I went with a sleepover. I told Peter he could have his two best friends over to spend the night and he was thrilled! I did have to reiterate that this would be the actual party so that he wouldn't be expecting a big bash later with lots of kids and lots of presents. I think I got that through to him and he is still very excited! He just had his very first sleepover at his friend Colton's house. It was Colton's brother's birthday sleepover and my friend Jennifer, who is a crazy woman (she even named her blog that!) decided that all of her children should have kids sleeping over! Peter was so excited by that sleepover that I knew his own sleepover would be good enough.

So we are set for a sleepover and we are doing a pirate theme. Peter is fresh from Halloween as a pirate so he is excited about that. I am making a pirate ship cake (there may or may not be pictures of that later depending on how well it turns out!) and Dan and I will be doing a treasure hunt for the boys. I decided since I was only having two kids over I should at least try to get creative with the invitations. So, I made them look like old messages in bottles.

Here is the actual invitation....

I tried to age it by soaking it in tea and then burning the edges. I think it turned out pretty cool. Then we rolled it up and put it in a root beer bottle filled with sand to make it look like it has washed up on the shore. Here is my son pretending to be an evil pirate while holding the bottles. If only I had the invitations completed in time to take the pictures while he was wearing his Halloween costume he might actually look like a spooky pirate instead of a crazed four year old!

I think the invitations are cute and I hope the little boys that receive them will like them. Although, knowing kids they won't care and will just end up spilling the sand all over their bedrooms.

Sorry Page. Sorry Jennifer. I hope you will let your boys come to the party anyway!


jennwa said...

Colton will still come to the party, he will just bring the bottle (filled with sand) back to your house with him.
Those are great invitations. You are going to be the fun Mom yet.
Those pictures of Peter are great too. Soon you will have 3 crazed 4 year olds on your hand all night long.Good luck. I prepped them good at Cody's party. They think they are suppose to run all through the house, stay up really late and eat a lot of sugary treats.
Good Luck !!!

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW! How totally cool. How fun. I am also dreading the days when my girl wants to have a kids party. eeekkkk!

Thanks for coming by my blog, and leaving me such a nice comment. :) looks like you found me thru my comment on Jennwa's blog. tee hee
have a good week!

Megan Cobb said...

So clever!

Pam said...

Those invitations are SO CLEVER! I bet this is going to be a great party, and I can't wait to see the cake picture! You go, girl!

raising4boys said...

All of your ideas are SOOO great!! My soon to be seven your old just decided he wants a pirate party for his birthday in a couple of weeks. (and he was a pirate for Halloween this year) Thanks for the great ideas...I found you on tip junkie!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

All of your posts about your son's pirate party have been a great help! I basically had all of the same ideas- I found your blog by searching for treasure hunt clues! I wanted to put the invites in bottles as well and the rootbeer bottles are sooo perfect! And milk dud cannon balls- awesome!! Everything looked great, I know he liked it very much! Way to go mom and dad!