Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday - Put a Pin It Button at the end of your Blogger posts.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to put a Pinterest Pin It button on your pinnable Blogger blog posts.

Please note, there are other tutorials out there that show you how to put a Pin It button on every post automatically.  That tutorial is nice if you have a lot of pinnable material and don't want to go through these steps each time.  However, the tutorials I have seen don't let you control what picture comes up with each pin and this one does.

I am going to stick with this way for a while.  It isn't as hard as it looks, I have just included every single step. Do it once and you will get it!

  1. Open your blog in Blogger.
  2. Write a fantastic blog post.
  3. Make sure to include a picture that relates to your post. Pinterest loves good pictures and your post has a better chance of being pinned if it has a good picture.
  4. Click on Publish Post.
  5. Open another window in your browser and go to the Pinterest/Goodies page.
  6. Scroll down this page until you see "Pin It Button for Websites". 
  7. Go to the main page of your blog and click on the title of the blog post you just posted. You need to make sure to do this because you want the Pin It button to direct people to this particular post and not to the main page of your website.
  8. Highlight the URL for this post.  Copy it by hitting "Ctrl" and "C".
  9. Go back to the Pinterest/Goodies page and paste your blog post URL where it says "URL of the page the pin is on".
  10. Go back to your blog post and put your mouse on the picture in your post.  Right click with the mouse.
  11. Click on "View Image Info".
  12. The URL for this picture will already be highlighted.  Copy it by hitting "Ctrl" and "C".
  13. Go back to the Pinterest/Goodies page and paste your picture URL where it says "URL of the image to be pinned".
  14. Then type a quick description of your post for example "20 steps to posting a Pin It button on your Blogger blog" or "Quick and Easy Enchiladas".
  15. Then highlight all of the code that has been created in the box underneath the description.  
  16. Copy the code by hitting "Ctrl" and "C".
  17. Go to "Edit Posts" in your blog and click on the blog that you are creating the pin for.
  18. Click the "Edit HTML" tab in the upper right of your blog post.
  19. Place your mouse at the end of all the text from your post and copy the code from Pinterest/Goodies by hitting "Ctrl" and "V".
  20. Click "Publish Post" and your Pin It button should be there in all of it's glory!

For more (and probably shorter) Works for Me Wednesday helpful hints, visit Kristen at We are THAT Family!

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Laura @ Bloom Where You're Planted said...

Sweet! I had wondered how to do this. Thanks for sharing!

Mari said...

Thanks for this - I pinned it!

Ladies Holiday said...

Hi Beth,
I was just trying to figure out how to create a favicon and came upon your site! What good luck...well the site part, not the creating a favicon part (it has nothing to do with your instructions, but I'm less than tech-savy.)
I did just figure out the Pintarest one though- so thank you!!