Tuesday, January 24, 2012

20 minutes? That's it?

Yesterday after running a couple of miles, getting groceries, and doing 3 load of laundry, I tackled something that really needed to be done.

I cleaned out my husband's armoire.  Every time I put away a pair of his socks or a pair of his boxers I would think to myself, I really should straighten out these drawers.  And every time I folded up a sweatshirt or a sweater, I would think to myself, What a mess!

This weekend, my husband asked if I knew where a certain shirt was.   "Um, I think it's in there," I cautiously replied as I pointed toward the armoire.

"Oh," he sullenly respond, "I'll never find it then."

"Well, if you had a wife that didn't have a job and stayed home so she could take care of the kids and the house, then maybe she would clean it out."

I got a good laugh at myself as I said that because, ha! That wife is me!

So, yesterday, with nowhere else to be and no reason not to do it, I cleaned out my husband's armoire.

And you know what?  It took me less than 20 minutes.

20 minutes!  Why had I not done this before?

Well, other than I am extremely lazy, but really. Why had I been putting this off for so long?  I guess I thought it would take a lot more time than 20 minutes.

I would love to show you a before photo, but I wasn't planning to do this, I just sort of jumped in after putting away the laundry.

So here's the best before I can show you.  I'm funny, aren't I?

Here is the top of the armoire after I took out a lot of unworn items and refolded everything.  I am not a good folder so don't take off points for that.  If only I had worked at the Gap in college instead of a copy shop I might know how to fold like a pro.  I can make a mean double-sided copy though!

Here's the sock drawer. I even arranged the socks by color - athletic, grays, blacks, browns!

And here's the underwear drawer - boxers on one side, tee shirts on the other.

Here is the pile of clothes that will be going to Goodwill after my husband goes through them.  I learned a long time ago not to send anything of his to the GW without his approval. 

I'm so pleased with this quick clean-up that I am going to go find another drawer or cabinet that needs organizing or some other task that I've been ignoring.

Let's see what else I can accomplish in 20 minutes!


Annikke said...

Things like this make me giggle because I (like you) assume things will take longer and therefore I put them off. One thing I absolutely despise doing is UNloading my dishwasher. One day I decided to time it... it look me 3 minutes. THREE. that was a huge eye opener. I still despise it.... :-)

Aimee said...

First of all, I love that armoire! I really should see if we can get one of those for my hubby to use instead of the cramped little dresser he uses now.

Also, in my newly-found drive to purge the house of clutter I have also found that things take much less time than I had previously thought. I completely overhauled the under sink cabinets and linen closet in the kids' bathroom in about 30 minutes. It's something I had wanted to do for years (embarrassing!).

I am also finding that all those cute little storage containers that I "really need" are completely unnecessary when you get rid of all the stuff that you need to throw in them! :)

deborah said...

Hooray! It always feels good to get something that has been bugging me done!

I totally like the before pic and the comment about a stay at home wife..

That armoire is really too cool and I'm betting that a doublesided copy might be handier than perfect folding skills!

Grandma T said...

Neatly folded drawers....aaahhh....what a nice thought!!

Wendy said...

Way to go!

Tricia said...

I think its funny that you posted a photo of your husband's underwear drawer on the internet. ;)

Love the "mean double-sided copy" comment. hehe

Congrats on your 20-min. accomplishment!