Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good job kid!

Yesterday after school, guitar, lessons, and allergy shots, Peter came right in and did all of his homework. 


With no prompting from me.

And with minimal complaining.

He usually starts his homework right after school and it is my goal for him to finish it every afternoon before he plays.  However, he has a lot of homework every day so I typically let him take a break before he has completed it all.  So the fact that even though we didn't get home until 5:15 and he came in and did all of his homework (it took him an hour) without stopping was huge!  I was very proud of him.

Dan is always telling Peter to do his work first so he can be free to play without anything hanging over his head.  Yesterday he said he wanted to be "just like Daddy".

This is a trend that I would love to see continue! 


RR Mama said...

Way to go Peter!! That's awesome. We are having some trouble getting R2 back into the swing of homework. R1, it's never a problem but R2 is going down kicking and screaming. It's a nightly fight and we've only been at for 3 days.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh man....we are just starting the homework struggles here. I'm not loving it.