Sunday, January 15, 2012

And it's not over yet!

New England Patriots win! (Sorry Tim Tebow.  I think you are a sweetheart  but I had to pull for the Pats!)

Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese Toasts shared with my husband.

Basketball (Sarah actually touched tried to shoot a couple of times and passed the ball a couple of times. Her confidence is growing with each game.)

Jenga, Old Maid, Connect Four and Candy Land.  (When will that girl tire of Candy Land?)

2 episodes of Winter Wipeouts (Jill we miss your sarcasm.  Vanessa Lachey isn't snarky enough for us.)

Date night with my husband. (We quickly plowed through a very nice gift card given to him by his manager - filets and double decker cheesecakes will do that!)

And the good news? We still have a full day left in the weekend. I love weekends but long ones are even better.


Grandma T said...

Amen to that!!

John Moorehouse said...

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