Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

In November, Jennifer and I decided we were going to run a 5k with some friends.

The 5k isn't until May 1st which seemed like years away back November.  And I guess technically it was a year away.

I had every intention of starting my "training" as soon as we got back from Christmas vacation but I wasn't expecting it to feel like Canada outside my door every day.

I know people in Canada probably run in the winter but I'm from North Carolina and I like it even.  So I sat snuggled on my couch in front of the fire place munching Toasted Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese Baguettes thinking that May was years and years away and I would have plenty of time to "train".

Until Jennifer started talking about how she had run two miles on her treadmill and then how she was doing interval training and ugh, it hit me.  I guess I really am going to have to get off the couch and start doing some preparation for this 5k.

And then today it reached 61 degrees and actually felt like North Carolina instead of North Dakota.  So Jennifer and I took the kids to the track at the elementary school and I walked half a mile and ran half a mile before Sarah declared that she need to use the bathroom.

Since Sarah has had this stomach bug that's been going around and since there were no facilities available we left.  Darn.  I'm pretty sure I could have run another half of a mile.  Maybe.

I prepared for a 5k back in 2001.  And I was ready.

But the 5k was the day after we moved and I had  spent the previous12 hours moving boxes and unpacking boxes and moving furniture and lifting furniture.  So on the morning of the 5k, I could barely lift my big toe much less my entire leg.  And I backed out of that 5k.

But this time, I've got Jennifer hounding me.  And if Jennifer sets her mind on something, she does it.  And with a vengeance.  So I've got a feeling I better be ready for May 1st because come hell or high water I am going to be running a 5k.

How many years is it again until May 1st?


He & Me + 3 said...

You are braver than me. Are you still shredding? good luck with that run.

Denise said...

You go girl.

EntertainingMom said...

Good Luck! Keep us posted on your progress... or lack thereof??!!! LOL

jennwa said...

We are going to ROCK that 5K !!!

I am sorry you have to suffer because of my OCD.

But we are going to do this!!!!!

bevysblog said...

At least you are on the right track in even thinking about a 5K! That's more than I'm doing... :)

Corey~living and loving said...

wonderful for you and Jennifer. wish...I cared to run...but I don't. I know that running is the cool thing to do...but I hate it. sigh....I suck.

Aimee said...

You can do it -- I have done a 5K, so believe me, YOU CAN DO IT!

Of course, I've only run one 5K in my whole life and I got pregnant with Fiver four months later. And then I kept having kids and I never ran another one . . . but still, I cling to that 5K as a major accomplishment for a person like me (who hates running!)

Go for it, mama :)

Grandma T said...

You CAN do this! Go girl with God's speed!!