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Monday, August 31, 2020

We watched live football on tv!

 School starts tomorrow.  I keep telling Dan that my brain still thinks it's mid-March when everything shut down and I can't believe we have lived through spring and almost all of summer and the kids are starting another school year when in my mind they never even finished the last one.

And yet, here we are.  

Peter is at school this morning.  He is a student ambassador this year and they along with student council and the bigs (upperclassmen who are assigned to the freshmen and transfer students to help them adjust) are welcoming all the new students to school today so they can go through a day before everyone comes to school tomorrow.

Speaking of Peter, he shaved his beard last night.  He's been growing it since mid-March and was very proud of it.  I had actually gotten used to it and even though I don't like beards, thought it looked very good on him.  It's going to take me a minute to get used to his new look.  

We spent Saturday night watching college football on tv.  It was Austin-Peay vs. Central Arkansas and even though we didn't care a thing about either team, it was actual live football and it was great to see.  Peter said he was going to enjoy it and any other college football game he got to see on tv because who knows if it could be the last.  I appreciated his wisdom  to enjoy each thing as it comes as if it could be the last because with this pandemic, who knows.  He ordered pizza, made a bet with a friend to make it more exciting, cheered like it was his favorite team, and generally just enjoyed himself.  It was a good evening.

Dan built a little fire pit for us to enjoy this fall but we tried it out earlier this week.  It was a little too warm for a fire but the kids really wanted s'mores.   I think Dan did a great job! 

Cathy sent me a recipe for tomato pie.  I made one and it was really good!  The recipe can be found here.


Last weekend we celebrated my brother's 50th birthday.  Here are a few pictures:



Ernie said...

Reg did in person orientation and Mini was there too as a peer leader. That was it. E-learning ever since. I hope your kids get to learn in school and I hope my kids get to go back to school soon. Curly started her e-learning today.

Lad keeps putting on sports and I keep asking, is this team playing right now, or is this taped? So weird.

I have never heard of tomato pie.

Madeline said...

How great your kids go back! We still have a week to go! Fun that you got your firepit too, this pandemic certainly has us all working on getting our yards and homes the way we want them.

Good that your family can still get together and celebrate in fun ways. (Well, it looks like my kind of party anyhow.)

Mari said...

Glad you enjoyed some football!
Looks like a nice party for your brother. I like the pic with him and the kids.