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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Here's to a beautiful school year!

The new school year has officially started.  It's Peter's last first day and Sarah's second to the last first day.  And I'm a little sad.  But after having been away from school for over 5 months, they were ready and so was I. 

Here's my senior beside his kindergarten picture:

My heart!  

Their school is officially back on campus with all sorts of rules and restrictions.  I know it's going to be a strange year for them  and it certainly won't be the senior or junior year we had imagined for them (or that they had imagined for themselves) but I am praying that God will take the ashes of this year and make something beautiful from them.

Here's to a beautiful school year!


Billie Jo said...

Have a happy and healthy and blessed school year!
I adore his little Kindergarten picture!

Madeline said...

Oh look at his handsome face, both young and more grown up! I hope his senior year is so special. (And Sarah's junior year too.) Hopefully their first day went well and they can experience all the anticipated traditions somehow!

Mari said...

I love the two pics together! Hope they both have a great year!

Ernie said...

Love the photos and the verse. Beautiful. OMG - look how little Peter was. In the blink of an eye. My senior and junior are e-learning. Mini e-learns at someone else's house usually now, which seems to improve her mood. She also claims it helps her with her school work, since her friends are in most of the same classes as her and they are all serious about school. I am really hoping they don't have to do this for the entire school year.