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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Has it been two weeks already?!

 Wow!  Has it really been two weeks since I last posted?  I thought for sure once school was over I would get into a  rhythm and post more frequently.  Honestly though, I have been out of sorts since the middle of March when everything went crazy.  And here we are 5 months later and things are even crazier than before.

The NCHSAA (the organization that all NC public school and many private schools are members) released their plan for sports for the upcoming school year.  

Nothing will start until November.  Everything will have a shortened season with less games/matches.  And football has been moved to very early spring (end of Feb through the beginning of April).

This means there is a slight chance that Peter will get to have a football season.  But I imagine like everything else. it will not happen.  

I am trying not to let worry get the best of me.  I am praying that the kids will have a wonderful school year even though it will look totally different than anything we could have imagined.  Peter's senior year will be very, very weird but I am hopeful that it will still be full of good things.  

Speaking of school, all the Catholic schools in the diocese will start back the first week of September.  I am praying that everyone will stay healthy and that the schools will be able to remain open.  That's a BIG prayer but that's what I'm praying.  

Yesterday, Sarah and I were back-to-school shoe shopping when my car wouldn't start.  I called Dan and he came to give us a jump.  The car needed a new alternator so that was a fun unexpected expense. After we dropped the car off to be fixed, Sarah and I headed back to Target to get her school supplies.

She spends a lot of time picking out notebooks with matching folders and making sure everything is color coordinated.  Peter could  care less about school supplies.  During the first week of school, I will get texts stating things like: I need a three ring binder for science, you need to order my math book, can you pick up a three subject notebook, do we have loose-leaf paper....

The kids had dentist appointments earlier this week and thankfully no cavities.  I always hold my breath.  Sarah has her well check appointment today and then afterwards we are going to the mall to get pants for school.  

This afternoon Peter will head to school for a college application boot camp.  He has already started filling out the info on Common App but I'm hoping that after this boot camp, everything will be filled out (correctly) and that he will have a good start on his essay.  He sat down to work on the essay the other day and basically stared at a blank Word document for a while and then gave up.  

Spotted a whole flock of geese flying over head on my morning walk.  Fall is coming and this is a sure sign.
Pretty sunflower.
Delicious BMT!


I discovered a new account on Instagram called Go Clean. She has a hack for cleaning hardwood floors. She uses hot water, a little Tide laundry detergent, and an O-Ceder Spin Mop to get her floors clean (She's a professional house cleaner.) Colleen shared her account and this hack and I purchased the spin mop at Walmart ($9.98) and gave it a shot. Look at the dirty water from just my kitchen floor. So gross but so satisfying to see! 


That's about it for me. I hope you are all doing well!


Gigi said...

Thanks for the heads up re: wood floors hack - I'm off to find that account, I'm sure my house will appreciate it. I hate mopping my kitchen - this hideous tile looks filthy, even when clean - if I'm going to mop I want to SEE the result on the floor.

Mari said...

I was happy to see you post!
Pretty pics, and that sandwich looks yummy!
I think I need a spin mop now.

Gigi said...

Okay, Beth - I had to come back to tell you that I am now officially obsessed with the Go Clean account! And, I have ordered that mop and am ridiculously excited for it to arrive.

Ernie said...

Our high school has broken sports into 4 abbreviated seasons. Reg will do soccer in the late spring/early summer. We still have tennis for girls, golf, and cross country happening now. The 2 boys are doing golf and Mini tennis.
Love the idea of college application boot camp. Tank has done zero.