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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Why yes, this past weekend was practically identical to the last...

Happy TUESDAY!  And you know what a "short" week means for me, right?  It means I will be confused every day as to what day it actually is and the "short" week will somehow feel oddly longer.

Last Thursday Peter played in his second junior varsity football game and while the team lost, they played better.  Peter played almost the entire game and even got an INTERCEPTION!!! 

Last Friday night Peter played in his second varsity football game and while the team lost, they played better.  Peter only played a few minutes in this game but still played well while he was in and is still having a great time playing.

This is a picture (taken by a professional obviously) from the JV game.  Peter is 77 on the JV and 22 on  varsity. 

That's Peter behind the guy from the other team - his face is blocked by the other guys helmet.  (But a mama always knows her baby!)
There's #77!!
On Saturday I made a chocolate cake from scratch and it was delicious!

Yes it was lopsided but nobody seemed to mind!!

On Sunday we attended Mass, had lunch at my mom's, and then Dan and I tried a new spot for our Sunday night beer.  And then it was Monday and we had no plans.  Peter had football practice and Sarah had a lot of homework so we just stayed at home and were extremely lazy. We did grill out hamburgers when Peter got home from practice but that was it. It was pretty boring but sometimes we just need to stay at home and do nothing.

Sarah starts her high school prep swimming practices tonight and now there is no denying that it is September.  All the stores have their fall decorations out but I'm just not ready to decorate for fall yet.  It's still warm outside and I'm enjoying that so I'll pull out the pumpkins in a few weeks if I feel like it. 


Madeline said...

I feel you on the lack of decorations. I am not putting out pumpkins for a while. Glad you had a nice long weekend and things are going well!

Pat said...

Your cake looks amazing -- what's the filling?

Ernie said...

I do not mind the occasional lazy day, well - for me that means folding laundry from the couch. Our weather was fabulous on Monday and we were able to squeeze in one more day at the pool. That cake looks amazing- bet it doesn't taste lopsided!

Mari said...

I'm still hanging on to Summer too, but I guess I'll have to get some Fall out before too long.
Those are great football pics! And the cake looks fabulous!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great football pics. Boring weekends are my favorite. :)